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Biopartner facade cladding

Buitink Technology has supplied and fitted the fabric facade system for BioPartner Center 5 office and laboratory building at Rhijngeest-Zuid in the Bio Science Park Leiden.

The cladding comprises 42 panels (the largest of which is 43 metres long and completely seamless!) and covers a total surface area of approximately 1,400 m2.

Circular construction

Incubator BioPartner 5 is a pioneer in circular construction and its use of a donor support structure sets it apart. For example, never before has a main load-bearing structure on this scale been assembled using reclaimed steel. The design of the building could be described as doubly circular in that all of the materials used have not only been given a second lease of life, they can also be dismantled and used again.

This also applies to Buitink Technology’s sustainable textile facade cladding.

With regard to the cladding itself, Buitink Technology was responsible for the complete engineering process, having developed the tensioning system and selected and applied a high-quality mesh fabric so the cladding is both demountable and can last for decades.

Project data

42 facade panels, total surface area approx. 1,400 m2
Material: Serge Ferrari Soltis Horizon 86 | Specs >
Client: Stichting BioPartner Academisch Bedrijven Centrum Leiden
Main contractor: De Vries en Verburg Bouw BV
Architect: POPMA & TER STEEGE Architects
Textile facade cladding system: Buitink Technology
Completion: 2020

Installation of facade fabrics

Fassadenverkleidung Biopartner

Mounting facade fabrics


Rhijngeest-Zuid in the Bio Science Park Leiden.

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