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Amsterdam Amphi Theater Project

Buitink Technology realized a theater space inside the Amsterdam Arena. This space is developed to permit smaller events as theater shows, congresses, circus and product presentations besides big events like sport competitions and pop concerts. 

The new facility is an ideal combination of the spacial Arena with the intimacy of  a theater. It offers seats to a maximum of 12.000 visitors.

The Amphi theater

The Amphi theater is composed of 6500 m2 of textile covering/ceiling and a flexible wall of 5000 m2. Those two curtains are situated at the north side of the stadium and separate the part behind the back line of the playground from the rest of the football stadium. Maximum 12000 people can take place in the gallery and another 2000 on top of a suspended platform, normally used during football competitions. In this way nobody enters the playground and the grass remains undamaged. 

Theaterruimte Arena Amphi tekening

The ceiling can be opened or closed with steel cables, the back wall is fixed to trusses that are suspended trough motorized tackles and catwalks. This flexible ceiling and wall allows a quick adaptation of the space to the requirements. The Amphi theater can be installed and dismantled in one day. The material used (canvas) has been developed specially for this purpose. The fabric had to be fire and humidity resistant, resistant to aging by sunlight and respond to acoustic requirements. At the same time it had to create a specific theater atmosphere.  For this specific reason the fabric for the back wall received a velvet layer to give the theater's curtain a typical "velvet" theater appearance.

Year of implementation 2002.


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