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Applications and XXL lamps with LED lights

Buitink Technology develops and installs LED lighting systems integrated in her projects like tensioned membranes, tensioned ceilings and inflatable ETFE air cushion roofs.

LED lighting systems

Some projects of Buitink Technology where LED lighting is applied:

Spangevel met LED-verlichting

Textile façade with a LED lighting

Gevelmembranen met LED-verlichting

Light structure illuminated with LED lights

Verlichting Spanplafonds voor zwembad

Lighting stretch ceiling for pool

ETFE bollen met LED verlichting

Illuminated inflatable ETFE bulbs

XXL lighting collection

In addition, Buitink Technology develops and manufactures the XXL lamp collection.  In this collection, the use of tarpaulin, foils and (technical) textiles plays a leading role and LED lighting is used. Moreover, we focus on very large (XXL) fixtures, which can be disassembled and transported all over the world. The lamps are also primarily intended as mood lighting and eye-catchers in large spaces.



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XXL lamp - The Conelight

The Conelight was designed by Noortje van Laarhoven and has the shape of a chalice. This lamp is part of the XXL lamp collection marketed by Lumtex BV. The height of the lamp, in the standard version, is 2.4 meters and the largest diameter is 3 meters.

XXL lamp - The Chandelirious

The Chandelirious was designed by design studio HMDF. This lamp is part of the XXL lamp collection marketed by Lumtex BV. The height of the lamp, in the standard version, is 3.4 meters and the maximum diameter is 2.2 meters.



XXL lamp by Elke design

A lamp that has a luxurious look and by its shape amazes the beholder, making it interesting to look at the lamp and look closer again and again... The designers behind this are Elke van Raamsdonk & Martin van Hierden.



XXL lamp from UTIL products

This XXL lamp is intended for public spaces. Technology and form are central to all of Tjeu's designs. He strives to challenge people with his designs and does not consider his designs to be comprehensible at a glance. The designer behind this is Tjeu Marijnissen.



XXL lamp by Stas Kokke

The inspiration for this lamp is the paper lantern and Chinese umbrella. The movement of opening and closing makes the object come to life and makes it so much more than just a bulb in a shell. In this way, the light can be controlled and the user determines the amount of light through movement. 


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