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Tensioned membrane for Pringle

Buitink Technology obtained an assignment from Arcadis Netherlands BV to deliver and assemble a tensioned membrane roof for the Dutch "Amphitheater". The "Amphitheater, also called the "Pringle", has been designed for the Floriade 2012. The project has been realized by a construction association.

The membrane has a total surface area of approximately 405 sqm. Unique is the continued attachment of the membrane's edge on the 3D curved tube frame.

Project data

Material: Ferrari 1002S
Client: DuoFlora 2012 BV
Design/Engineering: Tentech BV
Project: ARCADIS Netherlands BV
Steel construction: Aa-Dee Infrastructure Industry BV
Foundation: Dura Vermeer
Stretched membrane: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2012

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