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Outdoor fabric roofs for outdoor use

Buitink Technology realized a light and dismountable covering of technical fabric for the open-air theatre in Soest, considering it's natural forest surrounding.

The tensed membrane construction consists of two trekking points combined with an arch. This bended beam is made of a lightweight floating "pushing" bow inside the membrane.

This "pushing" bow and it's production process are both innovative. The conical bow is made with an inflatable mold made from technical fabric. This mold determines during the production process the shape and curve of the bow. The final bow is made of glass- and carbon fiber reinforced plastic, produced by vacuum injection molding.

The technique used for the production of this "pushing" bow  can also be used for other projects with different shapes. Many more complex designs, impossible to be made with conventional production methods, can be realized with this new technique.

Year of implementation 2002.

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