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Entrance stamp awnings for large shopping malls

Buitink technology manufactured and installed two mirrored entrance awnings for shopping centre Hoge Veld in The Hage on behalf of GDA International. The space shaped awnings are made of a steel construction, tensed fabric and a 3D aluminium frame around it.

The awning's fabric is chosen in a specific color and provided with print (text: ''Hoge Veld''). For the lighting and the sprinkler installation some holes are provided in the upper fabric. The outside part of the awning is provided with a rainwater discharge connected to a drainage. The shape seems simple but is quite complex due to the 3 D curved shape of the fabric to be followed by the aluminium and steel construction.

Project data

Client: GDA International, Den Bosch
Architect: GDA International, Den Bosch
Steel and aluminium: Sorba Projects, Winterswijk
Tensed fabric: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2009


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