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ETFE roof courtyard Huis Bergh

Buitink Technology engineered, delivered and installed an ETFE membrane for a roof covering the courtyard of Castle  "Huis Bergh". This castle is one of the biggest castles in Holland, build in the 13th century.

Through this roof the courtyard is protected against sunshine, rain and wind. The total surface area is about 70 m2. Covering this area enables public exposure of the original door framework made of "Baumberger" sandstone from the year 1700.

The original door frame made of "Baumberger" sandstone

The original door frame more and more crumbled off  due to weather influence. In the beginning of the year 2000 it was replaced by a copy made of Bentheimer sandstone at the entrance of the castle. Sandstone blocks from the original one were stored, agreeing with the government that finally the original framework would be restored elsewhere. This courtyard was the ideal place to rebuild the original door frame against one of the walls of the courtyard.

Project data ETFE roof

Material: ETFE foil, transparent
Surface area:
about 70 m2
Client: Stichting Huis Bergh
Architect: GAJ VBW architecten
ETFE membrane: Buitink Technology
Year of execution:         


Engineering Huizebergh

Installation of the roof


Hof van Bergh 8, 7041 AC 's-Heerenberg


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