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ETFE membrane on wooden structure

Buitink Technology has carried out the engineering, delivery and assembly of the ETFE membrane with skylights for a covering of a public building next to the railway station in Dinan (La Halle des espaces publics Dinan Gare) for its French partner Highpoint Structures.

A single-layer of stretched ETFE film was chosen due to its self-cleaning properties, durability, high degree of transparency and extremely low weight.

The total surface area of the ETFE membranes extends to approximately 300 m2.

Project data

Material: ETFE foil, transparent
Surface area:
Approx. 300 m2
Client: ville de DINAN
Architect: Architecture & Urbanisme
ETFE membranes: Buitink Technology en Highpoint Structures
Year of installation: 2020

Engineering ETFE membrane with skylights

Engineering ETFE membrane with skylights


la Halle des espaces publics Dinan Gare

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