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ETFE foil for protection of FC Twente stadium

A unique application of transparent ETFE foil as protection against rain, falling objects and liquids.

Buitink Technology installed an ETFE foil in the FC Twente stadium to protect visitors from falling objects and liquids. The ETFE foil screens are tensioned inside a stainless steels framework.

Material: ETFE foil

ETFE (Teflon) foil is chosen for this application as:.

  • It's very transparent (95 % transparency);
  • The material is light weight (about 350 g/m2), so it is easily added to an existing structure;
  • The material is extremely durable (no aging observed after 25 years of service);
  • ETFE foil is fire retardant (class 1 of BS 6065);
  • The material allows production in custom made complex shapes.

Year of implementation 2011.


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