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ETFE canopy for International School Almere

Buitink Technology has engineered, produced and assembled two canopy membranes of ETFE foil for the new building of the International School in Almere (ISA).

One canopy measures approximately 2.2 x 11 metres and the other 2.2 x 34 metres. Both canopies - including the 34-metre-long one ! - consist of a single continuous membrane of ETFE film.

ETFE foil - the right choice!

ETFE foil is transparent, allows about 95% light through, is self-cleaning (chemically inert) and has an expected life span of > 30 years.

Types and specs ETFE

Projectdata ETFE awnings

Material: ETFE foil, white transparent
Client: Gemeente Almere
Architect: Architectenbureau Cepezed
Main contractor:
Van Norel Bouwgroep
ETFE membranes: Buitink Technology and Highpoint Structures
Completion: 2023

Engineering ETFE awnings

Engineering ETFE awnings

Location ETFE awnings

Heliumweg 61, 1362 JA, Almere

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