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Cushion roofs made of ETFE foil with sun protection

ETFE cushion roofs can be provided with sun shade prints to reduce the Solar Factor.

Shading prints on ETFE foil

Shading prints can be applied in 2 different ways:

  1. Prints on one or more layers of ETFE foil;
  2. Control system, where 2 opposite layers of an ETFE cushion have prints.

Principle of controlling sun shade

Pressurizing an air chamber between 2 foils with prints will open the sun shade system, acting as "blinds". When reducing the air pressure the 2 layers of foil will stick together and the sun light transfer is reduced (blinds are closed). 

Example ETFE cushions with an adjustable system

Air cushion roof JinSo

Example single printed ETFE cushions

University in Southampton

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