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Flexible ETFE foil as an industrial innovation

1% the weight of glass and up to 95% light transmission!

Lightweight ETFE foil

Because ETFE foil is incredibly light in weight, the use of ETFE film will save in the steel structure and its foundation.

ETFE: smart solution for large spans!

ETFE is highly durable (35 + years). ETFE can be applied transparent, tinted with color or printed with a pattern. ETFE film is not affected by UV light, air pollution and other forms of pollution.

Use of ETFE foil

ETFE foil is a beautiful and smart choice. ETFE foil is often used for:

  • stadions
  • shopping centers
  • schools
  • business premises
  • patio canopies

ETFE foil as air cushion roof or facade

The most common use of ETFE foil is multi-layered cushions. ETFE foil cushions are constantly pressurized by a (simple) air installation (+/-200-300Pa). This allows for structural stability and insulation. Power consumption for the air installation is between 60-100w.

Single layer ETFE

As an alternative, the application of single layer ETFE which no inflation required. As a result, this is a very simple and economically advantageous solution to cover large spans.

Minimal maintenance of ETFE foil

Because the surface of ETFE is smooth, it is resistant to environmental pollution. ETFE cleans itself in the rain and when used properly, it requires minimal maintenance and inspection.

ETFE projects

We have great experience in the application of ETFE foil. We can guide you through the entire process. You can view several projects where we have applied: e.g. ETFE


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