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ETFE air-cushions Bellewaerde Aquapark

Buitink Technology completed  the ETFE air cushion roof  for the new leasure park "Bellewaerde Aquapark" in Ieper (Belgium).

The overall project comprises  two distinct air cushion roofs of respectively 4 and 5 air cushions. Total surface area of the 9 air cushions is 485 sqm.

One single cushion consists of 4 layers of Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) foil (thus 3 air chambers) and is fully transparent for visible light.

Project data ETFE air cushions

Size: 485 m2, consists of 9 cushions
Material: ETFE foil, transparant
Client: LD Architecten
Architect: Luc Arsène Henry Jr. & Alain Triaud
Main contractor: Monument Vandekerckhove NV
ETFE air cushion roof:        
Buitink Technology
Year of installation:

Engineering ETFE roofs

 Engineering ETFE roofs

ETFE border detail

ETFE randetail

Assembly ETFE air cushions

Location Aquapark Bellewaerde

Meenseweg 497, Ieper, België

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