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ETFE air cushion dome Biosintrum

Buitink Technology delivered and installed an ETFE air cushion dome for the BREEAM Outstanding Biosintrum building  of Oosterwolde.

The dome has a free span of 5,8 meter and is made of 4 membrane sheets (i.e. 3 air chambers). An air cushion dome of ETFE foil is extremely durable. Both the foil itself as well as the residual production waste is to be recycled completely. It has a long life cycle of at least 30 years and the material consumption is extremely low (it weighs less than 3 kg/m²). It too has excellent self-cleaning properties and is transparent for the full light spectrum (including UV light).

Print on top-layer ETFE

The top layer of the foil has a print to reduce the light transmission factor of the dome.

Project data ETFE air cushion dome

Size: Diameter 5,8 meter
Material: ETFE foil, 4-layers (3 air chambers)
Print: 1 layer with hexagonal print, 89% coverage    
Light transmission factor:     0,24
HTC value: 1,6 W/ m² K
Client: City of Ooststellingwerf
Architect: Paul de Ruiter Architects
Main contractor: Bouwbedrijf Buiteveld
ETFE air cushion dome: Buitink Technology
Location: Ecomunitypark 2, 8431 SM Oosterwolde

Engineering of the dome

Engineering of the dome

Biosintrum winner in  category "buildings"

The community of Ooststellingwerf granted Paul de Ruiter Architects the order to design the extremely durable BREEAM Outstanding Biosintrum as the breathtaking centre of the "Ecomunitypark". The Biosintrum is an energy neutral building, composed of more than 80 % bio materials and inspires both students and professionals. The jury said this contribution is an example project of an integrated approach of durable and "green" engineering with bio based materials. The jury finds it very inpiring to see that  the target group is involved in the design and construction of the building.

Engineering/calculations ETFE dome

To realize our projects we perform complete strength and load calculations. A selection of analysis with various loads on the dome is shown below.

Engineering/calculations ETFE dome

Location Biosintrum

Ecomunitypark 1, Oosterwolde


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