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Air cushion roof for

Buitink Technology realized an ETFE air cushion roof on behalf of "Woodteq Houtconstructies" for the new in Doetinchem (Holland).  A school having so called Green and Innovative education.

The air cushion roof consists of 12 ETFE cushions with a total surface area of about 200 m2. The "pie shaped" ETFE cushion arrangement exhibit an outstanding circular roof.

Heat reflecting ETFE roof

The air cushion roof consists of 4 layers of ETFE foil (so 3 air chambers) and is fully transparent. The outer layer of ETFE has an IR (infra red) block to reduce heat input through solar radiation.

LTA-value: about 0,39
about 0,38
U-value: about 2 W/ m2 K        

Projectdata air cushion roof

Size: 200 m2, consisting of 12 cushions
Material: ETFE foil, transparant with IR block
Main contractor: BINX Smartility
Wood construction: Woodteq Houtconstructies
ETFE air cushion roof: Buitink Technology
Year of execution: 2019

Engineering ETFE roof

Engineering ETFE dak

Installation ETFE air cushion roof


Gildenbroederslaan 3, 7005 BM Doetinchem

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