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Air-cushion roof Hellebrekers

Buitink Technology has realised the transparent and sunlight-regulating ETFE air-cushion roof over the atrium of Hellebrekers’ new head office in Nunspeet.

The air-cushion roof is made up of 12 ETFE cushions with a total surface area of approx. 350 m2.

Air-pressure controlled blinds

The roof comprises four layers of ETFE foil (creating three air chambers). The patterns printed on the middle two layers run in different directions. Using air pressure to control how far apart or close together these layers are held controls the level of shade. Bringing the layers close together produces maximum protection from sunlight and the more they are separated, the greater the light transmission.

Luchtdruksturing voor zonwering

You can read more about how a four-layer ETFE air-cushion roof controls sunlight ingress on the next page:

EFTE-cushion blinds

Sustainable choice

The choice of ETFE sheeting and its use as an air-cushion roof are sustainable thanks to the high insulation values of the roof and the eco-friendly properties of the ETFE sheeting itself.

The following PDFs contain further information about the sustainability of ETFE sheeting:

Project data

350 m2, made up of 12 ETFE cushions
Material: EFTE sheeting, four layers with sunlight ingress control
Client: Hellebrekers BV
Architect: Architektenburo Guido Bakker
Main contractor: Prins Bouw BV
ETFE air-cushion roof: Buitink Technology
Year of installation: 2021

Development and engineering

Development and engineering

Air supply lines for ETFE air-cushion roof


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