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(ETFE) air cushion roofs by Buitink Technology

Our ETFE air cushion roofs are innovative roof structures that use ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) films. These lightweight and durable films are applied in multiple layers and inflated to form air cushions.

This technology provides excellent insulation, light transmission and resistance to extreme weather conditions. ETFE air cushion roofs are popular in modern architecture for sports stadiums, conservatories and commercial buildings because of their flexibility, longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Light weight ETFE foil

1% the weight of glass and up to 95% light transmission! Because ETFE film is incredibly lightweight, its use provides savings in steel construction and associated foundation.

ETFE is very durable (35+ years) and can be applied transparently, tinted with color or printed with a pattern. ETFE film is unaffected by UV light, air pollution and other forms of contamination.

Minimal maintenance of ETFE film

Because the surface of ETFE is smooth, it is resistant to environmental pollution and does not retain algae. ETFE cleans itself in the rain and with proper use, ETFE construction requires minimal maintenance and inspection. ETFE is very safe to use making it a first choice in areas such as traffic intersections, shopping malls, schools and hospitals.


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