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Social Responsible Management

Corporate social responsibility and meaningful business is very important to Buitink Technology.

Sustainable cooperation

Buitink technology works on sustainable cooperation through a subsidy from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Buitink Technology is committed to the continuity of the company. Moreover, we strive for (international) growth in the coming years. To achieve this, we are working on a good and safe cooperation of our employees. Not only because of the nature of the work is good and safe cooperation essential, it is also essential for the workload, atmosphere and sustainable employability of our employees. We have asked Moniek Berende of The Growth Mirror and Andrea de Boeij of Boeijend Ondernemen to guide us in this process.

This trajectory is subsidized from the European Social Fund, which is provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.


We ensure that all our residual materials of tarpaulin and films are recycled. These remnants are returned to the manufacturer, where new products are made from them.

Additional info on recycling

Find more info on our web page sustainability.

Products made of residual materials

A part of our facilities is available for 2 fashion designers who focus on development, design and making products from residual materials like canvas, foil and technical textiles.

 More information is available on fraenck.com.

We make our residual materials also available to support young start-up designers.

Making products from residual materials like canvas, foil and technical textiles.

People with a handicap

By default we always have one or more colleague's with a mental or physical handicap



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