• About us
    Buitink Technology develops diverse industry solutions, using materials like EFTE foil & canvas. ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Production in the Netherlands ★ Be inspired >
    • Team
      Buitink Technology employs a lot of sophisticated staff to make your project reality! ✓High-quality materials ✓Produced in the Netherlands ✓High flexibility!
    • Social Responsible Management
      Buitink Technology cares about sustainability & responsible production practices. Find out more now! ✓ Sustainable ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in the NL
    • ISO-9001
      At Buitink Technology, we are proud to be ISO-9001 certified by TÜV. ✓ Top quality ★ Be inspired >
    • VCA
      Our company and all employees are “VCA” certified. Click here to visit Buitink Technology's website! ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Production in the Netherlands
    • Work placement
      Gaining practical experience, at Buitink Technology we give young talents the chance to do an internship with us. Apply now! ★ 70 years of experience ★ Get in touch now >
    • Vacancies
      Vacancies from Buitink Technology! ★ 70 years of experience ★ Get in touch now >
      • Project engineer
        Jobs as a work planner at Buitink Technology! ★ 70 years of experience ★ Get in touch now >
      • Vacancy head of engineering
        Jobs as a work planner at Buitink Technology! ★ 70 years of experience ★ Get in touch now >
      • CNC cutting machine operator
        Jobs as a CNC employee at Buitink Technology! ★ 70 years of experience ★ Get in touch now >
      • Vacancy canvas maker
        Vacancies as (apprentice) sailmaker at Buitink Technology! ★ 70 years of experience ★ Get in touch now >
    • Lunch and Learn
      Presentation during lunch! ✓ Are you interested in a Lunch & Learn by Buitink Technology? Call us now >
    • Adress and routing
      Are you planning to visit our facilities in Duiven? Click here to find the fastest way! ✓Easily accessible ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland ✓Innovative
      • Head Office Duiven
        The main office of Buitink Technology is located in Duiven. 500 m2 office space and 3000 m2 modern equipped production area ★ Contact us ➤
      • Location Brasov Romania
        Modern equipped sail-making/ production location of approximately 2,500 m2 of Buitink Technology. ★ Buitink Technology Romania SRL ★ Contact us ➤
      • Location Fagaras Romania
        In Fagaras (Romania), we have had a metal workshop of around 1,500 m2. ★ Buitink Technology Romania SRL - metal workshop. ★ Take a look >
    • Sustainability
      Buitink Technology is a specialist in helping with flexible sustainable solutions of foil, tarpaulin and/or technical textiles. ✓ Solutions to reduce heat loss ✓ Reusable lightweight solutions ★ Interested?
  • Architecture
    Specialist in tarpaulin, foil and technical textile projects. ✓ Custom canopies, (ETFE) air cushion roofs ✓ Transparent ETFE roofs ✓ Textile facades, ceilings & walls. ★ Be inspired >
    • Lightweight canopies
      Lightweight canopies by Buitink Technology! ★ NO1 specialist in custom made canopies and tensile structures. ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Take a look now >
      • Roof bus station Zwolle
        Bus station Zwolle with tensed membrane and print. Prominent and perfect designed roof in Zwolle. ★ Print on membrane! ★70 Years of experience.
      • Canopy bus station Leidsche Rijn Centre
        Tensed membrane structure (About 2,860 m²) bus station Leidsche Rijn Centrum. View now! Buitink Technology engineered, produced and mounted the canopy!
      • Canopy Camping Oranjezon
        Canopy on "Camping Oranjezon". Protecting against sun and rain. Any design is possible. Contact through our website. ★Extremely durable. ✓Project pictures!
      • Lily trees membranes Singapore
        Tensioned membranes for Lily Trees in Singapore. Made by Buitink Technology. Beautiful eye-catchers! ✓Consultations ✓Produced in the Netherlands ✓Innovative
      • Tensioned membrane canopy Haga hospital
        Flexible & lightweight - the stretchable membrane canopies by Buitink Technology complete the architecture of your hospital ✓Innovative ★70 Years of Experience
      • Tensioned membrane canopy Holland PTC
        Tensioned membrane canopy for Holland PTC Particle Therapy Center in Delft. Our membranes themselves are even waterproof! ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Tensioned membrane crematory
        The roofing membrane designed by Buitink Technology with material from Ferrari will inspire you! Visit the website now! ✓Consultations ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Tensioned membrane busterminal
        Tensioned membrane for a bus terminal in Bree, Belgium. Fixed around continuously to the steel beams. Buitink Technology is your partner! ★ 70 Years Experience
      • Terrace covering Crown Plaza
        Our terrace roofs are made of ETFE foil & not dazzling despite the translucence. Visit the website of Buitink Technology! ✓Tailor-made ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Membrane canopy Hong Kong
        Tensioned membrane for a private house in Hong Kong! Our flexible partitions are ideal for preventing and controlling dust and noise. ✓Sustainable ★Qualitative
      • Canopies car dealer
        Take a look at the high-quality membrane constructions from Buitink Technology! Our products are: ✓ Custom-tailored for you! ✓Made in Holland ★ Highly Durable!
      • Tensioned Membrane Hong Kong
        Buitink Technology produced a tensioned membrane which provides great weather protection. Are you interested? Visit the website of Buitink Technology!
      • Tensioned membrane dome Caen
        Buitink Technology engineered a tensioned membrane in the shape of a dome in Caen (France). Find more pictures & videos on the website of Buitink Technology!
      • Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer
        Buitink Technology produced tensioned membrane & steel cable systems for the loading dock of the gas storage in Bergermeer. ✓Custom-tailored! ✓Made in Holland
      • Temporary membrane structure Carré des Arts
        You want to equip your courtyard with self-cleaning, durable & lightweight ETFE foil? Buitink Technology - your industry partner! ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Free form stretched roofings
        Buitink supplies & installs free form double curved various stretched roofing systems. Klick here! ✓Sustainable ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in Holland
      • Tensioned membranes Wassink
        Either as a storeroom, workshop, paint booth or permanent patio roofing - with our guest tents you trust in the market leader Buitink Technology! ★Made in NL
      • Tensioned membrane Pringle
        Thanks to their flexibility, our tensioning membranes can take any shape without sacrificing stability - Buitink Technology is happy to help with your project!
      • Membrane bridge Floriade
        To preserve the open character of bridges, only the finest mesh is used by us. Visit Buitink Technology now! ★70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in Holland
      • Umbrellas entrance Floriade
        You want to reduce noise yet not sacrifice aesthetics? Visit Buitink Technology! ✓Custom-tailored industry solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Tennis court roof PVDV
        Buitink manufactures and delivers various roofing systems of diverse fabrics. Interested? Let us know! ✓Produced in the Netherlands ✓High flexibility!
      • Smokers canopy in Amsterdam
        Buitink Technology installs taut & beautiful membrane roofs for you to your liking! We offer: ✓First-class advice ★70 Years of Experience ✓Production in Holland
      • Canopy structure Mikado in Waalwijk
        Our canopies are characterized by innovative design. Click here for more information! Our products are: ✓ Custom-tailored for you! ✓Made in NL ★Highly Durable!
      • Membrane awning ZEP
        Buitink Technology produced the largest membrane awning in the Netherlands! Visit the website to learn more about our projects! ✓Excellent advice ✓Made in NL
      • Membrane structure UMC Groningen
        Buitink Technology makes products for your needs such as membrane structures for large buildings like hospitals. Find out more about projects on our website!
      • Dismoutable covering in Thorn
        Are you looking for quickly mountable roofs such as in the Dutch village Thorn? Buitink Technology offers: ✓ Custom-tailored industry solutions ✓Produced in NL
      • Awnings for hospital in Deventer
        Our free-form awnings are manufactured in close cooperation with customers & only use high quality material - visit the website of Buitink Technology now!
      • Church Maassluis
        Fabric roof & facade for renovation of church in Rotterdam. ✓ Made in Holland ✓ High quality ✓ Modern design ★ Take a look now >
      • Covering the Braingate
        Beautiful design of the covering for the "Braingate" building. Membrane construction for the parking cellar. Buitink Technology: ✓High quality ✓Produced in NL
      • Libelle pavillion
        A pavilion with an attractive shape! An unusual organic tent shape: A dragonfly structure with a membrane body & wings. ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Membrane Roobol
        Nice canopy membranes including support structure for shopping centre Roobol in Naaldwijk (Holland). Visit the webpage showing the canopy constructions having a surface area of about 910 sqm >
      • Membranes Dolfinarium
        A unique combinations of sustainable wood & fabric paneling, combined design with high-quality industrial functionality! ✓Consultancy ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Covering platform Garage Stam
        At Buitink Technology, we help you design and implement your garage roof aesthetically and functionally! We offer: ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Production in NL
      • Apenheul zoo membrane
        In the Dutch zoo Apenheul, Buitink Technology has placed great EFTE air cushion awnings. High-quality industrial functionality! ✓Produced in the Netherlands
      • Open-air theater Soest
        In the Open Air Theater in Soest, Buitink Technology has produced a removable textile roof. You want to determine the shape, color and size? Contact us now!
      • Butterfly exhibition Floriade
        Buitink Technology made a Butterfly shape for the Floriade event. Unique combinations of sustainable materials & fabric coverings! ✓Produced in the Netherlands
      • Paper dome
        You want to immerse yourself in the Far Eastern world with Western quality? Click for an overview of Buitink Technology ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Square covering Nedap
        Would you like to know more about Buitink Technology and its projects? Click here! ✓ Custom-tailored solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in Holland
      • Entrance awnings Hoge veld
        Buitink technology made two mirrored entrance awnings for the shopping centre Hoge Veld. See awnings with prints now! ✓Made in Holland ★ 70 Years of Experience!
      • Membrane dance and debate hall
        Thanks to unique combinations of sustainable wood & fabric paneling combined design with industrial functionality - Buitink Technology! ★70 Years of Experience
      • Bicycle bridge pavilion Wijhe
        You want to connect people via bridges? Go to the website of Buitink Technology now! ✓Quality-checked ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in the Netherlands
      • Coverings house Voorschoten
        Engineering, production and assembly of two canopies for a private house in Voorschoten. Larger covering for a terrace. ✓ Excelent advice. ★70 years of experience
      • Entrance canopy Elysium Bleiswijk
        Buitink Technology is a pioneering company that manufactures products such as entrance canopies for your specific needs! Click here to find out more about us!
      • Dry run on Jersey Island
        Modular dry run as a prefabricated construction kit. ✓ Assembled by our fitters within a few days. ✓ Prefabricated lightweight customised solutions ★ Let us inspire you >
    • (ETFE) cushion roofs
      ETFE air cushion roofs by Buitink Technology. ★ NO1 specialist in lightweight roofs. ✓ Automatic sunlight-regulating air-cushions roofs ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Take a look >
      • Lens-shaped ETFE cushions ARTFX campus
        ETFE cushions as a lens from Buitink Technology! ✓ Best in (ETFE) lightweight canopies. ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Call or email us now ➤
      • Air-cushion roof Hellebrekers
        Roof with air cushions ETFE by Buitink Technology. ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Call or email us now ➤
      • Renovation ETFE roof Ganzenhoef
        ETFE roof "Ganzenhoef". Inspection, maintenance & replacement ETFE roof. Printed ETFE air cushion roof. ✓Excellent advice ★70 yeras of experience ✓100% reliable
      • ETFE domes station Utrecht
        ETFE domes Utrecht. Innovative air cushions at 30m height. Visit the website of Buitink Technology! ✓Made in Holland ★ Highly Durable ✓Project Photos
      • ETFE air cushion systems facade Caen
        ETFE air cushion systems in the façade of new building in Caen (France). For similar products, visit the Buitink Technology website! ✓Made in Holland
      • Air cushion roof Tarbes
        Buitink Technology has assembled an air cushion roof in Tarbes in France with transparent & white ETFE film. Visit our website if you need an air cushion roof!
      • ETFE air cushion roof atrium
        Interesting information about our bubble roofs can be found on the website of Buitink Technology! ✓Custom-tailored ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Removable aircushion roof swimmingpool
        For the Dutch swimming pool “De Krommerijn”, Buitink Technology has produced a removable air cushion roof. We are manufacturing for your needs - klick now here!
      • ETFE air cushion dome Sigmax
        Buitink Technology produces innovative ETFE air cushion domes. You want individual shapes & colors? ✓Custom-tailored industry solutions ✓Made in the Netherlands
      • ETFE air cushion roof JinSo
        You would like to equip your office building with flexible & durable air cushion roofs? Buitink Technology - visit now! ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Made in Holland
      • ETFE air-cushion roof in Leiden
        Buitink Technology has realized the design, delivery & assembly of an EFTE air cushion roof of an atrium in Leiden. Take a tour on our website!✓Made in Holland
      • ETFE air-cushion roof with sun protection
        Would you like to have it bright in your rooms without dazzling? The flexible & durable cushion roofs by Buitin Technology fit perfect - visit our website now!
      • ETFE air-cushion awnings in Apenheul
        Beautiful lightweight EFTE air cushion awnings for the Dutch zoo Apenheul. Watch these multifunctional EFTE air cushion awnings with print on top >>
      • Air-cushion roof Southampton
        Air cushion roofs are ideal to control rainwater drainage for outbuildings! Visit the website of Buitink Technology! ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • ETFE air-cushion roof in Lyon
        For a mansion in Lyon, Buitink Technology has delivered an EFTE air cushion roof. Read more about it on our website! ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • ETFE roof lighting Barajas airport
        Our ceiling lights ensure a natural light with high efficiency & elegance. Watch now! ✓ Custom-tailored industry solutions ★ High Quality! ✓Produced in Holland
      • ETFE air cushion dome Biosintrum
        Buitink Technology delivered and installed an ETFE air cushion doem for the BREEAM Outstanding Biosintrum building in Oosterwolde. Read about this project on our website.
      • ETFE air cushion roof lobby
        Buitink Technology realized an ETFE air cushion roof for a new cover of the bussiness lobby in shopping centre Bisonspoor in Maarssen. Read more >
      • ETFE skylights walkway Bisonspoor
        Special ETFE inflatable skylights. Self cleaning, very transparent and extremely light weight. And also with a heat reflecting layer!
      • Air cushion roof atrium Eyescan Clinic
        Buitink Technology realized the ETFE air cushion roof for the atrium of "Eyescan Oogzorgkliniek in Utrecht". Take a look >
      • ETFE air-cushions Aquapark
        ETFE air cushion roofs of Buitink Technology. Superior quality through many years of experience!. Three Air chambers in each cushion by applying multiple layers of ETFE foil. View >
      • Air cushion roof Zone college
        ETFE air cushion roof for Zone college. A school claiming innovative, green and durable education. Explore now >
      • ETFE dome Krinkels
        Large dome of ETFE foil. ETFE air cushion dome with a diameter of 7 meters. ✅ Extreme lifetime ✅ Lightweight. Explore now >
      • Air cushion roof public square Bisonspoor
        Buitink Technology realized an ETFE air cushion roof in the public square of shopping centre Bisonspoor in Maarssen (the Netherlands).
      • ETFE air cushion canopy VDA3
        Buitink Technology with her partner Highpoint Structures, made and delivered ETFE air cushions for office building VDA3 in Villeneuve D'Asco (France), serving as canopy for this building.
      • ETFE air cushion dome
        ETFE air cushion dome with a free span of 11 meter! ETFE air cushions for "Het Baronneke" in Antwerp. ✓ extreme long lifetime!
      • ETFE foil in general
        Our incredibly lightweight ETFE foil is extremely durable & saves you weight & costs for your foundation! Buitink Technology ★ 70Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Detailing etfe air cushions
        Buitink Technology is a pioneer in the industry & always known for the latest innovations. See website here> ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in the Netherlands
      • U-value etfe air cushions
        Insulation values (U-values) of ETFE air cushion roofs. Buitink Technology: ✓Custom-tailored industry solutions ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL ★Innovative
      • Sun shading ETFE cushions
        Durable cushion roofs by Buitin Technology are ideal for bright rooms - visit our website now! ✓ Custom-tailored ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Produced in Holland
    • ETFE roof structures
      Tensioned single-layer ETFE roof structures and stadium screens. ✓ Dust and dirt resistant ✓ Extremely lightweight ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Take a look >
      • ETFE membranes for stadium Wiltz
        Buitink Technology manufactures stretched & transparent ETFE membranes for your football stadium! ✓Customised ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • ETFE roofs ROC ID-College
        We use tensioned & transparent ETFE membranes made of PVC-coated polyester fabric for your roof. You seek an elegant protection against weather? Read more here!
      • Second skin ETFE Water Reservoir
        Beautiful second-skin ETFE membranes for a water reservoir in the south of France. Thanks to the watertightness, our façade protects you from rain! Click here!
      • ETFE courtyard covering
        Together with French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology made an ETFE membrane covering for a courtyard of a winery in Bordeaux - find out more!
      • ETFE cladding exterior canopy Bordeaux
        In cooperation with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, delivered and installed a single layer ETFE tensioned cladding against the downside of a large canopy being part of a reconstruction of an exhibition area and congress hall in Bordeaux (France).
      • ETFE moisture screen for the Euroborg
        We at Buitink Technology are developing a unique application of transparent ETFE foil to protect you against rain & liquids! More information on our website!
      • ETFE foil for protection of FC Twente stadium
        Buitink Technology makes unique applications of transparent ETFE foil to protect you against rain, falling objects & liquids ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • ETFE roof and wall cladding Pau
        In cooperation with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, delivered and mounted ETFE panels for roof and wall cladding installed in the renovated "Halles de Pau".
      • ETFE canopy bus station Tilburg
        Buitink Technology engineered, produced and installed an ETFE foil roof for the new bus station "Spoorlaan" in Tilburg (Holland).
      • ETFE skylights Château Randan
        In cooperation with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, delivered and installed ETFE membranes for the skylights of the Château de Randan in department Puy-de-Dôme in France.
      • Patio coverings in Bordeaux area
        Our terrace roofs are made of ETFE foil and are not dazzling despite their translucence! Buitink Technology offers you: ✓Customisation ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • ETFE roof courtyard Huis Bergh
        Buitink Technology engineered, constructed and installed the ETFE membrane for covering the courtyard of Castle Huis Bergh in Holland.
      • ETFE domes HVA
        Buitink Technology made 14 ETFE foil domes in Maasmechelen. Made entirely of stainless steel by Buitink Technology, translucent & cleans itself - Click here!
      • ETFE skylights for Silver Origin expedition ship
        ETFE membranen als grote daklichten voor het cruiseschip Silver Origin. ✓ Lichtgewicht en brandveilig ✓ ETFE folie is zelfreinigend. ★ Bekijk hier >
      • ETFE membrane on wooden structure
        Beautiful ETFE membrane with skylights over a large wooden construction next to the train station in Dinan (France). ✓ Hidden tension mechanism! ★ View now >
      • ETFE canopy for International School Almere
        Canopy membranes made of ETFE film. ★ 34m canopy made of 1 piece of ETFE film! ✓ Concealed tensioning mechanism! ★ View super-tight awnings >
    • Textile facades
      Textile facades by Buitink Technology! ✓ Unique fabric cladding systems. ✓ Extremely durable! ✓ Custom made modern design ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Take a look >
      • Textile facade for CO2 reductor
        Technical design, supply and installation of textile facade. ✓ Attractive appearance ✓ Permeable facade for CO2 ✓ Tensioned mesh fabric facade. ★ View >
      • Biopartner facade cladding
        Fabric facade system for BioPartner. ✓ High-quality gauze cloth. ✓ Completely seemless facade! ✓ Can last for decades ★ View facade canvas project >
      • Westraven facade cladding
        Replacement of the facade cladding of the Westraven building in Utrecht. ✓ Use of high-quality gauze cloth. ✓ Durable facade fabric systems! ★ View facade canvas project >
      • Textile facade cladding Cheops
        Extreme tensed facade cladding. Watch the textile facade cladding now! In-house engineering, Construction & Assembly. ✓Excellent advice ★ 10 year guarantee
      • Facade cladding compost storage
        White tensed facade cladding for compost storage of mushroom farmer. Strained water tight facade claddings! ✓ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Made in the NL ★ Click here!
      • Facade cladding This Is Holland pavilion
        Wall cladding of textiles, lightweight & durable. Textile façade Pavilion Amsterdam. Our waterproof ETFE foils give a new look! Click here! ★ Buitink Technology
      • Facade cladding for temporary Court
        Facade cladding with stretched fabrics fit perfectly as a temporary construction concept. Made of material of high industrial quality! Buitink Technology helps you!
      • Tensioned facade Grootlab Amsterdam
        Buitink Technology offers you connectors like bellows & machine parts. All our products are flame retardant & made of stretchable fabric! ✓Made in Holland
      • Textile facade cladding shopping center
        Facade membranes for Shopping Center De Lely. ✓ LED lighting behind facade membranes. ✓ Attractive and sleek design ★ Request price >
      • Textile Facade Markant
        Our facades are illuminated & made from the highest quality fabric. One ought to pay attention to your building? Take a look to see the beautiful textile facade >
      • Inflatable padded wall
        Our walls made of lightweight material are easy to inflate & assemble. Visit us on the website of Buitink Technology! ✓High-quality materials ✓Made in Holland
      • Cladding with mesh fabric
        Buitink develops textile facades. Are you looking for tight exterior panels? Buitink Technology assists you! ✓Tailored industry solutions ✓Made in Holland
      • Appartments with second skin facade
        Facade membranes for Shopping Center De Lely. ✓ LED lighting behind facade membranes. ✓ Attractive and sleek design ★ Request price >
      • Sliding facade curtains for Rijkswaterstaat
        The fabric used for the sliding curtain is strong, has a low loss of heat & is flame retardant. Buitink Technology: ✓ Great advice ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Shopping cart in Laurus
        Quality and sustainability are always anchored in the products of Buitink Technology, such as the double-sided printed screens - click here! ★ High Quality!
      • Facade screens Spaans Noord
        Buitink Technology has created a unique use of transparent ETFE foil to protect you against wind & rain. Click here to see more! ★Quality-proof ✓Made in Holland
      • ETFE panels facade Paris
        ETFE panels having a total surface area of 1200 m2.
      • Facade cloths Almere train station
        Buitink Technology replaced the full color printed wall cloth of Train Station Almere Centrum (the Netherlands).
      • Facade cladding MECC Maastricht
        Tensioned facade cladding for the new staircase building of MECC in Maastricht ✓ attractive appearance ✓Protection against wind and sunshine ✓ transparent from inside view.
      • Fabric Mesh Facade FAQ
        We answer all your questions about facade cloths and facade cladding. ✓ Façade cladding is always the second skin. ★ Read questions and answers >
    • Tensioned fabric ceilings
      Tension ceilings from Buitink Technology: unique acoustic textile ceilings. ✓ Tight ceiling cladding ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ✓ Fast delivery ★ Look quickly >
      • Stretch ceilings at De Fakkel swimming pool
        White ceiling cloths Alphalia Silent AW for swimming pool De Fakkel. ✓ Ideal for a new or renovated swimming pool. ✓ Acoustics improvement ★ View here >
      • Stretch Ceilings Pool Overbosch
        Tensioned ceiling cloths. Super tight and good for acoustics. ✓ Ideal for a swimming pool. ✓ Over 1000m2. ★ View here >
      • Tensioned ceiling swimming pool De Kiefer
        You want a tensed ceiling like the one for swimming pool "De Kiefer"? We produce and install acoustic tensed ceilings ✓Resistant to swimming pool envirionment ★70 years of experience.
      • Tensioned ceiling swimming pool Zuiderpark
        You want a tensed ceiling like the one for swimming pool "De Kiefer"? We produce and install acoustic tensed ceilings ✓Resistant to swimming pool envirionment ★70 years of experience.
      • Ceiling membranes UM Sport
        Noise absorbing tensioned ceiling membranes, produced & installed by Buitink Technology for UM Sport in Maastricht. See now! ✓Made in Holland ★ Highly Durable!
      • Tensioned Ceilings Staircase Calvijn College
        Translucent stretch ceiling with acoustic insulation. The tensed ceiling is mounted in the 'Calvijn College' in Amsterdam. - Click here for more information!
      • Tensioned ceiling for a Swiming pool in Burgum
        Buitink Technology's sound absorbing stretch ceiling membranes do not need a mount & are made of noise-absorbing material by Serge Ferrari. ✓Made in Holland°
      • Tensioned ceiling for Rozengaarde pool
        Our sound-absorbing stretch ceiling membranes are made of noise-absorbing material by Serge Ferrari. Buitink Technology - your great partner! ✓Made in Holland
      • Tensioned ceiling for pool Zuiderpark
        Our sound absorbing stretch ceiling membranes do not need a mount & are made of noise-absorbing material by Serge Ferrari. Interested? ★ Take a look ➤
      • Tensioned ceiling for swimming pool in Ypenburg
        Our sound absorbing stretch ceiling membranes are made of noise-absorbing material by Serge Ferrari. You need more insulation? Buitink Technology convinces!
      • Ceiling panels for town hall in Lelystad
        The ceiling panels by Buitink Technology simultaneously improve acoustics & dampen noise. Find out more here! ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in Holland
      • Ceiling panel Bolenius
        Buitink develops tensioned ceilings. To learn more about our ceiling panels, see our website. ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in Holland
      • Light diffusing ceiling in Groningen
        You want to put your ideas into action? Buitink Technology is your contact for industrial applications! ✓Custom tailored ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Theater space Amphi Arena
        We manufacture large roofs & facilities for large buildings of all kinds - contact Buitink Technology now! ✓ Solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Stretch Ceilings Swimming Pool Doelum
        Looking for a stretch ceiling for a swimming pool? We make acoustic stretch ceilings that can resist pool environment ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Tensioned ceilings Woerden town hall
        Buitink Technology delivered and installed acoustic tensed ceilings for the renovation of the Woerden town hall. Read about this project on our website.
      • Tensioned roofs cruise ship
        Tensioned ceiling for ship, tensioned all around by springs! ✓ Durable stretched wire mesh fabric ✓ Dirt-repellent ✓ Super-tight in every shape ★ Watch now >
      • Tensioned canopy for courtroom Utrecht
        Tense membrane counter District Court in Utrecht. ✓ Protection from sun ✓ Reduction of drafts ✓ Retention of heat ★ Now watch >
      • Stretch ceilings for Silver Origin expedition ship
        Gespannen plafonddoeken op een cruiseschip Silver Origin. Superstrak en goed voor de akoestiek. ✓ Luxe uitstraling ✓ Meer dan 500m2. ★ Bekijk hier >
      • Acoustic ETFE ceiling panels
        Very beautiful translucent and sound-absorbing ceiling panels. ✓ improved acoustics ★ View now >
      • ETFE light ceilings Clayton
        ETFE light panels for the construction of Clayton Community Centre in Surrey (Canada). ✓ Hidden tensioning mechanism! View now>
      • Tensioned ceiling system Hart van Zuid
        Tensioned ceiling in outdoor canopy. ✓ Ceiling cloth resistant to wind suction! ✓ Full color printed ceiling cloth ★ Be inspired >
      • Low-E stretch ceilings for ice rink
        Acoustic lowE stretch ceilings! ✓ Sound-permeable cloth! ✓ Above the cloth is sound-absorbing acoustic wool ★ View now >
      • FAQ stretch ceilings swimming pools
    • Acoustic fabric walls
      Stretched fabric walls for acoustic improvement! ✓ Unique fabric walls. ✓ Acoustic wall surface ✓ Highest quality ✓ Best service ★ Take a look >
      • Tensioned Walls for Calvijn College
        Fabric wall panels by Buitink Technology| ✓ Made in Holland ✓ High quality ✓ Custom made - let your building shine! ★ Take a look >
      • Tensioned walls Fletiomare pool
        Tensioned walls for better acoustic in swimming pools. ✓ Modern design! ✓ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Custom made in Holland ★ Order now >
      • Tensioned walls Brabanthallen
        Stretched fabric walls of wire mesh cloth. ✓ Extremely lightweight span walls! ✓ Custom made and printed ✓ Highest quality ★ Take a look and order now >
      • Printed tensioned walls swimmingpool
        Printing on tensioned walls! ✓ Extremely lightweight ✓ Ideal for noise reduction! ✓ Made in the Netherlands ✓ Custom made ★ Order now >
      • Printed tensioned wall Twentebad
        Clamping walls with print. ✓ Two-layer foil layer for noise reduction! ✓ Clean design ✓ Best quality printed fabric walls ✓ Custom made in NL ★ Order now >
      • MECC acoustic wall cladding
        Acoustic wall coverings for the two auditoriums of the MECC in Maastricht. ✓ The solution for improving acoustics ✓ Luxurious appearance ★ Take a look >
      • Acoustic fins Neele-Vat
        Acoustic fins/flaps to improve acoustics! Steel frames covered with acoustic fabric. ✓ Luxury design ✓ Custom made ★ Take a look >
    • Miscellaneous architecture
      Architectural projects with flexible fabric ✓ Customer-specific ✓ Production location in Duiven ★ Interested? Call or mail us >
      • Sunshade – retractable system
        Buitink Technology's sunscreens work weather-dependent, open & close automatically! We offer: ✓Industry solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Sunshade with blinds for Post South
        Combine your customizable design with high-quality industrial functionality. Trust in the products of Buitink Technology! ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • XXL Lighting Solutions
        Large light structures and lamps. ✓ LED lighting systems ✓ Lighting in combination with tarpaulins, foils and technical textiles. ★ Be inspired >
  • Industry
    Market leader in flexible industrial products! Visit the website of Buitink Technology! ✓ Custom-tailored for your needs ✓ Made in NL ✓ Highly Durable ★ Be inspired >
    • Lifting by Air
      Lifting systems for salvaging! For example: Inflatable liftbags, catchbags, marine airbags. ✓ Extremely strong and durable ✓ Industrial quality lift of roll bags ★ Fast delivery >
      • Lifting bags for trucks
        You want to salvage objects weighting tons or raise them? Trust in our innovations and industry solutions ✓ 70 years of experience ★ Take a look >
      • Landing bags
        Our landing bags ensure that trucks land safely on the wheels after the tipping point. Get info now! ✓ Catchbags for you ★ Heavy duty ✓ Made in Netherlands
      • Catchbags vehicles
        Cushions for passenger cars or vans. ★ Heavy duty ✓ Cushions for rescue and relief work! ✓ Super strong ✓ 100% safe ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable lifting unit
        Inflatable lifting unit for lifting of heavy objects and large loads. ★ Controlled lifting ✓ 100% under control and safe ★ Take a look >
      • Wedge shaped lift cushion
        A spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi or hot-tub can be lowered, positioned and placed in a controlled way! Use our wedge shaped lift cushions. ✓ Superstrong and durable! ★ Take a look >
      • Rotor blade support- and lifting bag
        Lifting and support cushion for rotor blades. ✓ Very strong lifting bags! Market leader in flexible industry solutions ✓ 70 years of experience ★ Take a look >
      • Airplane recovery
        Inflatable lift & support systems for aircraft recovery. ✓ Available within 48 hours within Europe! ✓ Highly Durable! ★ Take a look >
      • Pancake liftbag
        Custom flat lifting pillows, aka pancakes! ✓ Lightweight ✓ Super strong ✓ Durable lifting cushions ★ Excellent service ★ Fast delivery >
      • Marine airbags
        Roller cushions for the rolling movement of ships. ✓ Made of TPU coated type VII fabric. ✓ Super strong with a very high puncture resistance. ★ Be inspired >
      • Lifting unit for trailers
        Lifting and straightening trailers with air cushions from Buitink Technology. ✓ Strong elevator unit ✓ Legs sagging at trailer? ★ We have the solution >
      • Pressure Distribution cushions
        Pressure distribution cushions from Buitink Technology for alignment of cranes. ✓ Even distribution of pressure ✓ Super strong air cushions. ★ View now >
      • Inflatable bumpers
        Inflatable shock absorber or pads for rotor blade of wind turbine. ✓ Inflatable shock absorber ✓ Very strong TPU coated sailcloth! ★ View innovation >
      • Special lifting cushion solutions
        Custom-made lifting cushion systems! ✓ We solve all kind of lifting problems! ✓ Lifting with air. ★ Be inspired >
      • Landing cushions for prefabricated panels
        Cushioning cushions when tilting construction parts. ✓ Unique cushioning for prefabricated building parts! ✓ Super strong ★ See the unique solution >
    • Inflatable floats
      Float almost any object or provide it with buoyancy! All types of inflatable floats! ✓ Floating bags on river or sea ✓ Marine airbags ★ Fast delivery >
      • Inflatable salvage tubes
        Salvaging of ships or vessels. Lifting vehicles out of the the water. ✓ Lightweight! ✓ Ready to use. ★ Be inspired >
      • Convertible Salvage Bags
        Combination buoyancy and rising elevator capability! ✓ Perform two different salvage operations with one type of flotation cushion! ★ View CSB directly >
      • Pontoon salvage bags
        The pontoon style flotation bags can float almost any object! ✓ Sustainable and multi-functional. ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable lift-roll-float cushions
        Your boat stuck or stranded? Use our cushion system to recover your boat without much damage. ✓ No forklifts, cranes or the like are needed! ★ Be inspired >
      • Salvage lift bags for boats and catamarans
        Mobile, light weight inflatable lift system for boats and catamarans. Lifts boats out of the water at any location. ✓ Also available for lifting smaller boats. ★ Be inspired >
        • Lifting catamaran
          Inflatable elevator system for catamarans. ✓ On-site catamaran maintenance and repair. ★ View our catamaran elevator cushion >
        • Lifting boat
          Inflatable elevator system for boats. ✓ On-site boat maintenance and repair. ★ See our elevator cushion for (small) boats >
        • Advantages and features
          Inflatable elevator system boats and catamarans. ✓ Lifts boat or catamaran out of water. ★ See the benefits of our elevator cushions >
        • Roadmap use
          Inflatable elevator system in use for boats and catamarans. ✓ Safely elevator boat or catamaran on site. ★ See our step-by-step plan >
      • Open parachute bags
        With open bottom parachute floats (air lift bags) of Buitink Technology anything can be floated! ✓ Durable and multi-functional. ★ Have a look >
      • Closed parachute bags
        Buitink Technology's closed bottom parachute floats (air elevator bags) allow you to float anything! ✓ Durable and multifuctional. ★ View now >
      • Floating traffic bridge
        We offer a variety of floats for transporting heavy objects on the water. Visit the website of Buitink Technology! ✓ Made in NL ✓ Highly Durable! ★ Be inspired >
      • Underwater lifting bags
        Custom made lifting bags for in water. All shapes and sizes. ✓ Market leader for more than 20 years. ✓ Just plug it into a compressor & you're ready! ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable Buoyancy Units
        Transport large and heavy items on the water? Our floating systems are the solution! ✓ Custom-tailored for your needs! ✓ Made in NL ★ Be inspired >
      • 30 ton underwater liftbag
        Very large underwater lifting bags for industrial use - see now! ✓ Custom-tailored! ✓ Manufactured in Holland ✓ Highly Durable! ★ Be inspired >
      • Float system for excavators
        Prevent your excavator to sink in the sand. ✓ Reduce water damage! Swimming floats for excavators. ★ More info >
      • Floating systems ship
        Float systems to floata part of ship. ✓ Heavy objects floating on cushions. ✓ Huge size inflatable floats required? 100 tons of buoyancy! ✓ Super strong! ★ Be inspired >
      • Floaters for ferry
        Buitink's inflatable floats effortlessly carry even extreme loads like ferries on the water. See now > ✓ Industry solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Made in NL ★ Be inspired >
      • Floating plateau for hose systems
        Floating system to avoid large bends & tensile loads in floating offshore hoses - Inform yourself here! ✓ Made in NL ✓ High flexibility! ★ Be inspired >
      • Floating system to submerge a large dry dock
        Are you looking for inflatablefloating systems? We are market leader in industrial floating solutions! ✓ Custom-tailored! ✓ Made in Holland ★ Highly Durable! ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable floats for bridge
        Transport bridge parts on the water with inflatable lifting and floating bags. ✓ Custom-tailored ✓ Industrial quality ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable floating hose lift system
        Our innovative, inflatable hose lift system connects even the heaviest gas hoses on rigs. ✓ Custom-tailored ✓ Manufactured in the Netherlands ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable floats for mobile dry dock
        Inflatable floating systems for dry docks and immersion docks. ✓ Moving and sinking sinking of windmill constructions ★ View our floating cushions >
      • Anti-jellyfish pool
        Removable anti-jellyfish bath. ✓ A perfect solution for a protected swimming environment on a boat, yacht or cruise ship. ★ Be inspired >
      • Lift system for the shipping industry
        High quality inflatable lifting systems for the shipping industry! Buitink Technology - your partner! ✓ Innovative ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Production in Holland ★ Be inspired >
      • Ballast cushions/floating systems
        Large ballast cushions for load testing and underwater lifting. ✓ Make heavy objects float in the water ✓ Industrial quality ★ Take a look >
      • Inflatable floats for silo roofs
        Move up & down even the heaviest silo roofs - see now! ✓ Heavy lifting ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Made in Holland ★ Be inspired >
      • 100 ton floats
        Inflatable floats for rent | Inflatable floating cushions for rent. ✓ 70 years of experience ★ Super large elevator capacity. ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable evacuation system
        Floating dry-running and evacuation systems for evacuating persons! ✓ Safely exit boats or vessels during emergencies or calamities. ★ View >
      • Pre-start platform for canoe slalom
        Inflatable platforms as waiting platforms for the start of a canoe slalom. Also widely used in training sessions. ✓ Lightweight ✓ Easy to move ✓ Industrial quality. ★ View now >
    • Inflatable plugs
      Inflatable valves such as: ✓ Chimney valve ✓ Debris trap ✓ Sewer valve ✓ Slide valve. Extremely strong, durable and flexible. ★ Fast delivery >
      • Chimney valve
        Our inflatable ball valve easily locks even the most pressure-sensitive chimneys safely! ✓ Innovative ✓ Closing chimneys ✓ Made in Europe ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable cover
        Custom inflatable clamp lids for (sea) containers. ✓ An inflatable clamp lid from Buitink Technology is the ideal solution! ★ View our clamp lid >
      • Inflatable CO2-emission reducer
        Heat-resistant and insulating valve for industrial chimneys. ✓ Reduction of CO2 emissions. ✓ Closing chimneys ✓ Inflatable chimney valves ★ Be inspired >
      • Slide seals
        Inflatable slide sealers! ✓ Super strong, durable and insulating. ✓ Reduce your heat loss! ★ Fast delivery >
      • Heat-resistant valves
        Custom made valves. Heat-resistant up to more than 400˚C, Flexible air filled. ✓ Valves for high temperature applications. ✓ Custom-made solutions ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable sewer plugs
        Temporary sewer closure? Use our compact dimensions & low weight inflatable sewer plugs. ✓ Easy to transport & to use! ✓ Industrial quality ★ Be inspired >
      • Disc-shaped inflatable plug
        We offer you a lightweight & compact solution to easily and safely seal pipe shafts. ✓ High-quality materials ✓ High flexibility! ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable compact flex plugs
        Small inflatable valves from Buitink Technology. ✓ Sealing difficult shape in awkward location? ✓ Super strong, durable and insulating ★ Order today >
      • Inflatable debris catcher
        Custom made inflatable pit valves. ✓ Catch debris easy! To be used for digging-, dismantling and construction activities. ★ Be inspired >
      • Sand filled seals
        Sand filled flexible seals. Seals filled up with (wet) sand to be used under water. ✓ Superstrong ✓ Custom made ★ Be inspired >
      • Donut-shaped inflatable plug
        Custom made donut shaped shut-off valve. Extremely rigid industrial shut off valve up to 2 bar pressure! ✓ Made in Europe ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable valve
        Buitink's inflatable control for controlled animal feed portions! ✓ Custom-tailored ✓ Made in Europe ★ Be inspired >
    • Flexible connectors
      Flexible joints in all flexible plastics: ★ PVC cloth ★ PU & TPU cloth ★ ETFE film. Extremely strong, durable and flexible. ★ Fast delivery >
      • Inflatable Safety Net System
        Safety net linked to inflatable ring. ✓ Seamless connection to oven wall! ✓ Safe maintenance in large (vortex) furnaces. View now >
      • Inflatable fall protection system
        Closing openings with inflatable tubes! ✓ Robust and fully automated system! ✓ Fast fill and vacuum times. ★ View now >
      • Inflatable shelters
        Thanks to our inflatable seals, cold & wet are no longer a problem why loading or unloading! See more now! ★ Heavy Duty Products ★ Manufactured in the Netherlands
      • Inflatable clamp tubes
        Our inflatable compression hoses protect your cargo from sudden movements. Let Buitink Technology help you! ✓ Manufactured in Holland ★ 70 years of experience
      • Inflatable air tubes
        Our inflatable air hoses protect building material & seal open gaps during construction. ✓Custom-tailored ✓Manufactured in Holland ★ See now>
      • Bumpers
        Tailored bumpers. Flexible, filled with air or foam. Visit our website to see pictures and the engineering. ✓Custom-made ★ 70 years of experience ✓Very durable
      • Sealer for façade cleaning
        Prevent dust and pollution from spreading! Sealing openings and scaffolding during work. ✓ Fast, reliable and very durable! ★ View now >
      • Expansion joints
        Buitink Technology has designed elements to reduce vibration noise. Easy to use & to install. Inform yourself now! ✓Custom-tailored ★ quality-tested ✓Innovative
      • Building cuffs
        Our cuffs enable a watertight joint and compensate motion!✓High quality high-end flexible compensators of Buitink Technology.
      • Inflatable bellows
        Buitink Technology makes customized durable bellows which gives a large flexibility in the direction of movement. Protect your machine! ★70 Years of Experience
      • Bellows for clamping shafts
        Unique custom made fixation bellows! Flexible bellows for clamping shafts and wrapping shafts. We use the best quality materials. ✓ Durable✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • Liquid transport
        View our flexible hoses for e.g. transport of liquids. ★ Hoses in any length and diameter! ✓ Extremely strong, flexible and compact to store.
      • Cable sleeve
        Sleeves for sealing crevices from which cables, wires or pipes emerge. ✓ Flexible and very durable ★ View our cable entry valves>
      • Inflatable channel valves
        For drying large volumes of unions and potatoes proper aeration is of utmost importance. ✅ Our inflatable valves increase aeration efficiency.
    • Bellows
      Expansion joints of the highest quality! ✓ Custom-tailored ✓ Water- and air tight bellows ✓ Extremely strong, durable and flexible ★ Fast delivery >
      • Shapes and sizes
        Fabric expansion joints (sleeves) in various shapes and sizes! Almost any shape or dimension of fabric expansion joint is possible! ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • Techniques
        We produce fabric expansion joints in various shapes and sizes. We use the best available techniques for that.✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired
      • Examples
        Buitink Technology produces highest quality fabric expansion joints. For each application we have an appropriate offer. ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • Material selection
        Fabric expansion joints in various materials! Expansion joints made of PVC , PTFE, PU/ TPU en ETFE. ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • PVC coated polyester fabric
        PVC coated polyester fabric is uv-resistant, flexible, easy to process and to repair and usually the best economical solution.
      • PU-TPU coated polyester fabric
        We use PU/ TPU coated polyester fabric amongst others for making fabric expansion joints. ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • PVC coated Aramid fabric
        We use special PVC coated aramid cloth, amongst others to make fabric expansion joints. ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • Glassfabric cloth
        We apply glass fibre cloth for fabric expansion joints. So called glass fabric expansion joints. ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired >
      • PTFE-foil and film
        We use PTFE foil to make fabric expansion joints. Frequent applied in the food industry. ✓ Heat resistant ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. Be inspired>
      • PTFE coated glassfabric cloth
        PTFE coated glass fiber cloth expansion joints. Frequently applied in food industry. ✓ Chemicals resistant ✓ Durable ✓ Custom made. ★ More info >
      • ETFE-FEP-THV-PFA-foil
        We use various fluor based polymers to make fabric expansion joints. ✓ Chemically inert ✓ Custom made. ★ More info >
      • Sound absorbing expansion joints
        We make custom sound-absorbing and sound-insulating flexible fabric expansion joints. The solution to block noise in open connections!
    • Inflatable wash pads
      Mobile car wash with KIWA certification! Choice of all kinds of sizes, materials and colors. Complete with pump and/or water extraction and storage ✓ Extremely durable ★ Fast delivery >
      • Buy or rent
        Buy or rent inflatable wash floor. Wide choice of: ✓ sizes ✓ materials ✓ colors. Also for rental! ★ Fast delivery >
      • Water drainage
        Thanks to our innovative application, water & dirty solutions can be collected directly on site! Contact Buitink Technology: ✓Made in Holland ✓High flexibility!
      • Liquid tight guarantee
        We offer you product certificates which show the seal of leakproofness. All our products are: ✓Custom-tailored! ★ High quality processed & ✓Made in Holland
      • Floor with foam edges
        Click here to find out more about Buitink Technology's mobile floors! ✓ Custom-tailored industry solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Floor with side walls
        Mobile floors with side walls are perfect for outdoor applications to prevent soil or water contaminating! Click here - Buitink technology offers best prices!
      • Cleaning facades
        Our liquid-tight floors protect your wallet & the environment - discover the variety of our products! Buitink Technology ✓Customised ★Quality ✓Made in NL
      • Decontamination and Cleaning Unit
        Mobile liquid tight floor combined with a liquid tight tent construction! Modular construction. ✓ All wash water is collected!
    • Water management
      Water control with (inflatable) flexible products. #No1 Market leader in solutions against water and/or dirt nuisance! ✓ Stop or transport water/liquids! ★ Fast delivery >
      • Flexible dams
        Flexible, roll-out water barriers that unfold and secure themselves to the surface. ✓ Easily holds back water! ✓ No anchoring required. ★ Be inspired >
        • Operating principle
          The flexible water barrier unfolds itself, fills with water then stays firmly in place and holds back the water. ✓ No anchoring required. ★ Watch water dam in action >
        • Applications
          Water dam for flood protection, flexible cofferdam, creating water reservoir, collecting polluted water. ★ View >
        • Sizes and types
          Flexible water dam available in various designs and sizes. ✓ Customization also available. ★ View sizes and designs >
        • Imagery
          Holding back water? Easy with our flexible water dam! ✓ Easy to use. ★ View the flexible water dam >
        • FAQ flexible dam
          Questions about flexible water dams? We have the answers! ✓ Our water dam is the solution ★ Read and watch now >
      • Flexible flooding hoses
        Flood hoses with large diameter! ✓ Conveying water or other liquids. ✓ Very strong and durable. View now >
      • Fluid barriers
        Custom made fluid barriers for water control! ✓ Our flexible fluid barriers can be mounted on any existing surface. ✓ Industrial quality ★ Be inspired >
      • Shoreliner waste collection system
        We provide an improvement of the Shoreliner! ✓ A floating waste collection system for the water in coatal harbours. ★ Be inspired >
      • Liners for swimming pools and ponds
        Waterproof foils, liners and membranes for water storage and ponds. ✓ Custom made ✓ Very strong and durable. ★ Be inspired >
      • Composite ramps
        Lightweight ramps of composite materials. Buitink heavy duty ramps ✓ Lichtgewicht ✓ super strong and always recover from bending!
    • Acoustic solutions
      Industrial flexible acoustic solutions. Market leader in acoustic products! ✓ Custom-tailored for your needs ★ Be inspired >
      • Acoustic linings
        Sound-absorbing flexible coatings and sleeves for industrial usage. ✓ Custom made in NL ✓ Highly Durable ★ Be inspired >
      • Mobile noise barriers
        Are you looking for mobile noise protection solutions? Buitink Technology offers you: ✓Innovative solutions! ✓Production in NL! ✓Customised products!
      • Soundproof curtains
        Buitink Technology manufactures and installs sound-absorbing partition walls to improve room acoustics according to your individual wishes! ✓Made in NL ★Durable
      • Soundproofing objects
        Special soundproofing objects. Use of sound dampening material. ✓ Solve sound problems beautifully! ★ Call or mail us >
      • Flexible sound walls
        Flexible sound walls from Buitink Technology. ✓ Professional sound insulation. ★ Check out the test results from Textile LAB! >
      • Flexible partitions
      • Mobile inflatable sound barriers
        Professionele mobiele opblaasbare geluidsschermen. ✓ Makkelijk te transporten, op te zetten en te monteren. ★ Bekijk voorbeelden >
    • Inflatable structures
      Customised inflatable panels and structures! ✓ Mobile and lightweight constructions ✓ Quickly erected ✓ Industrial quality ✓ Customer-specific ✓ Fast delivery >
      • Double wall fabric solutions
        Work tent, cold room or damping tent, our double-walled fabrics are the solution! ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Innovative inflatable walls! ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable canopy for flocculator
        Air tight tents accomplished by internal overpressure. ✓ Super strong with trip lock! ✓ Inflatable tents fixed airtight to existing structure. ✓ Highly Durable ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable work shelters
        Inflatable work shelters protect you against wind, cold & rain. ✓ Easy mounting & dismounting - see here! ✓ Production in Holland ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable lifting system for roofs
        Our inflatable roof lifting system is extremely compact & easy to install! ✓ You want to raise your roof? We help you! ✓ All products made in Europe ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable therapeutic bath for cows
        Our universal treatment bath protects your cows & is easy to use! ✓ Custom-tailored for you! ✓ Manufactured in the Netherlands ✓ Highly Durable ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable operating table
        Inflatable operating tables for animals such as cows, horses and pigs. ✓ Made of high-quality tension fabric. ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable Harmonica Roof
        Customized mobile inflatable Harmonica roofs. ✓ An inflatable Harmonica roof out of panels, which are inflated and/or vacuumed! ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable molds
        Our inflatable shapes are refined by us with elements such as iron or concrete & find a variety of applications! See products now! ✓Made in NL ★ Highly Durable!
    • Miscellaneous industry
      Custom made industrial (inflatable) products! ✓ Advanced production techniques ✓ Fast assembly ✓ Industrial quality ✓ Customer-specific ★ Fast delivery >
      • Inflatable bend-tool
        Inflatable bending jigs for easily bend PVC or plastic pipes! ✓ Extremely lightweight ✓ Heat resistant ✓ Custom made ★ Order now >
      • Inflatable work platform
        Inflatable work platform designed specifically for mixers, silos or (chimney)pipes! ✓ Moveable floor at any height in silo, mixer or (chimney) pipe ✓ Without support! ★ Fast delivery >
        • Work Platform S
          Silo platform holds itself in place all around and 'clings' to the inner surface of the silo! ✓ Custom-tailored for your needs ✓ Made in NL ✓ Highly Durable ★ Be inspired >
        • Work platform XXXL
          Large inflatable silo platform that 'clings' to the inner surface of the silo! ✓ Custom-tailored for your needs ✓ Made in NL ✓ Safe working inside silos or tanks ★ Be inspired >
        • Platform for mixers
          Innovative inflatable maintenance platform for mixers. ✓ A floor that can be placed in a mixer at any height without support! ✓ Safe maintenance work inside mixers ★ Be inspired >
        • Image material
          Inflatable work platform for silos! ✓ Custom made ✓ Made in NL ✓ Safe working inside silos or tanks ★ Be inspired >
        • FAQ work platform
          Answers on all your questions about our inflatable silo platforms. ✓ Custom-tailored for your needs ✓ Made in Europe ✓ Work safe inside silos or tanks ★ Be inspired >
      • Insulation waterslide
        Slide insulation system for existing water slides. ✓ Saving on energy costs! ✓ Improve indoor slide and pool comfort! ★ Be inspired >
      • Inflatable disruptive bodies
        Prevent vibrations from pylons or masts with our inflatable interference bodies. ✓ Inflatable helix system! ✓ Prevent vortex effect mast ★ Check out our inflatable wind breakers >
      • Mobile retaining wall for swimming pools
        Retaining wall for pools to divide into two or more parts. ✓ Installation without damaging the pool! ✓ Easy to disassemble or move ★ Be inspired >
      • ZILOO
        The solution to alleviating the leash and suspended work in confined spaces: The ZILOO®! The solution for cleaning and inspection silos✓ Made in Netherlands ★ Be inspired >
      • UV-C translucent film
        UV-C translucent film applications by Buitink Technology ✓ UV-C light transmissive. ✓ Disinfect with UV-C light. ★ Take a look >
      • Flexible storage bags
        ETFE bags for storage, transport and as refill packaging for liquids, chemicals and odors. ✓ Super strong and chemically inert ★ More info >
      • Chemical resistant envelopes
        We produce chemical resistant A4 envelopes, document cases and show cases. ✓ Custom made document cases of ETFE foil. ✓ Custom made in Holland✓ Highly Durable ★ Be inspired >
      • Insulating covers
        We make flexible insulation covers in all shapes and sizes. Use of Velcro closures and heavy duty zippers. ✓ Super strong and durable! ★ Be inspired >
      • Transparent disinfection bags
        Special liners, bags and packaging in which products can be thermally disinfected and disinfected. ✓ Thermal disinfection ★ View our transparent disinfection bags >
      • ETFE safety screen
        Safety screens or cough screens made of ETFE film. ✓ Optimal protection against dust, dirt & viruses. ✓ Chemically virtually inert ✓ Complete with frame ★ Fast delivery >
      • BICS vehicle screen
        Inflatable prevention screen for vehicles! ✓ Optimal protection against dust, dirt & viruses. ✓ Car screens against transmission viruses. ★ Fast delivery >
    • Dealers/ distributors wanted
      We are looking for distributors, dealers and resellers of our products. ✓ Market leader in flexible industrial products! ★ Contact us >
  • Leisure
    Buitink Technology makes various types of technical textiles, canvas fabrics & foil products that are customized to your needs. ✓ Stylish design ✓ Extremely durable ★ Watch now >
    • POV Modular Mesh House
      Modular mesh house from Buitink Technology! ✓ Suitable for all seasons or even permanent habitation. ★ See our beautiful design here >
      • Why POV
        POV®: The Mesh Modular House ✓Modular construction ✓easy to personalize ✓easy to transport ✓easy to install
      • POV Models
        POV®: The Modular Mesh House. POV® Room, POV® Cozy POV® Studio POV® Lodge POV® Cover. ✓Design and durable
      • POV Roof tent
        Additional amenities POV®: one or more roof tents or the POV®. ✓ Fun and exciting for children or visitors to sleep in!
      • POV Greenhouse and sun lounge
        The second skin of the POV® not only can be made of (water) tight or transparent gauze fabric, but also be made of transparent ETFE foil. ★ Take a look >
      • POV Lounge covering
        The second skin enclosing the POV® as standalone covering! Elegant extension of POV® with a covering or elegant standalone terrace roof. ★ View immediately >
      • POV Schoolyard canopy
        The POV® schoolyard roof: the ideal outdoor space to schedule activities and meetings. ✓ stylish design ✓extremely durable ★ View now>
      • POV anchoring and foundations
        Number of foundation principles for determining the anchoring needed for the POV® canopy. The best semi-permanent or permanent canopy!
    • Modular textile canopy
      Modular Textile Canopy for use as temporary, seasonal, semi-permanent or permanent residence or use areas. ✓ Extremely durable ★ Worldwide delivery >
      • Modular and collapsible
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Very compact for storage and shipping convenience! ✓ Easy to erect at any location in the world. ★ Take a look >
      • Custom design
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Choose from a wide range of materials, shapes, colors! ✓ Very Attractive and functional ★ Take a look >
      • Flexible materials
        Lightweight canopy ✓ All possible types of fabric and sheeting! ✓ Very Attractive and functional ★ Take a look >
      • Multifunctional
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Multi-functional ✓ Can be adapted to suit the location, climate and weather conditions or season! ★ Take a look >
      • Traditional finishing
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Constructed from a universal aluminum profile measuring 120x120 mm ✓ Can be adapted with membranes, fabrics, sheeting and sunscreen systems ★ Take a look >
      • Beach pavilion shell
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Basic shell for a beach pavilion or a beach club ✓ Custom made membranes, fabrics, sheeting and sunscreen systems ★ Take a look >
      • Transport and packaging
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Designed so it can be shipped and used all over the world ✓ Very compact shipping package ★ Take a look >
      • Assembly and anchoring
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Structure comes as a kit, with clear and easy-to-follow assembly instructions ✓ Very compact shipping package ★ Take a look >
      • FAQ MTC
        Lightweight canopy ✓ Modular Textile Canopy offers a variety of key benefits ✓ Answers on main questions ★ Take a look >
    • Flextents
      • In-house production
        High quality flex tents & free form tents. All sizes and very durable. Click here for more information! ✓ Custom-tailored ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Details and finishing
        Buitink Technology develops flex tents/stretch tents of the highest quality! ✓ Most beautiful stretch fabric ✓ Strongest details ★View our stretch tents directly >
      • Customized flextents
        Thanks to the material, flexible tents by Buitink Technology are suited for temporary use - find out more now! ✓Sustainable ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Full color Printing
        Buitink Technology prints your flexible tents according to your wishes! See more now here! ✓Quality Checked ★70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in the Netherlands
      • Work tent
        Flexible work tents protect against wind, cold & rain. Easy mounting & dismounting. We're here to help! Buitink Technology: ✓Tailor-made solutions ★Resilient
      • Mounting flextents
        Flexible tents manufactured by Buitink Technology are easy to set up & maintain - find more information here! ✓Sustainable industrial solutions ✓Produced in NL
      • Pictures flex tents
        Would you like to find out more about clamping tents and trust the market leader Buitink Technology? We offer: ✓High-quality materials ✓Flexibility ✓Quality
      • Flextent Chateau La Grace Dieu
        Our flexible bubble cupolas are made of glass while being transparent. We offer: ✓ Custom-tailored industry solutions ★70 Years of Experience ✓Production in NL
      • Flextent Octo
        With our tents it is possible to put beautiful, customizable and lightweight covers into action. Click here for projects! ✓Excellent advice ★Innovative ★Quality
      • Mega stretch tent for Lacoste
        Our free-form tents with oblique shapes are made of white stretch fabric & can be nicely illuminated. Click here for more information about Buitink Technology!
      • Flex tent Rochefort
        Beautifull semi-permanent tretch tent for restaurant Le Rade de la Méduse in France. Nice canopy made of white "flexdoek"!
      • Air flextent Ville de Melle
        Buitink Technology produces most beautifull stretch tents. Its huge free span is a unique construction realized by hanging the canopy in its support structure. Indeed a unique flex tent.
    • Canopy for queueing area
      Queue canopy or dry run construction made of flexible material! ✓ Protection from rain, sun or wind. Attractive lightweight construction ✓ All kinds of printing possible ★ View here >
      • European-made materials
        Need protection against rain, sun or wind with our Queue Cover or Dry Run system! ✓ We only use high-quality European-made materials. ★ Watch now >
      • Made-to-measure from our own factory*
        Custom Queue Covering or Dry Run System! ✓ Standardized customized product made up of standardized elements. ★ Watch now >
      • Transport and packaging
        Queue-covering or Dry-running system built from parts! ✓ Packed as a kit ✓ Transported to the desired location. ★ Watch now >
      • Foundation and anchoring
        Foundation and anchoring of the Buitink Technology queue roof! ✓ Different ways possible. ✓ Tailored to the location and wishes of the customer ★ View the examples >
      • Assembly
        Assembly of the queue roof! ✓ Delivery with installation plan. ✓ Within Europe we can also take care of the complete assembly for you. ★ View the queue cover >
      • Queue shelter FAQ
        Answers to your questions about a Queue Cover or Dry Run from Buitink Technology. ✓ Can be used temporarily or semi-permanently. ★ Read the questions and answers here >
    • Sports Court Canopy
      Sports court canopy building set! Playing field cover for outdoor sports. ✓ Ideal play area ✓ For all weather conditions ★ Order now >
      • Ideal playing area
        Covering sports and playing fields for outdoor sports. ✓ Outdoor sports all year round. ✓ For all weather conditions ★ View now >
      • Roof and sidewall materials
        Covered outdoor sports, that's possible under our Buitink Technology Sports field canopy. 100% NL product ✓ Protected against sun and rain ★ Watch now >
      • Dimensions
        Covered outdoor sports, that is possible under our Buitink Technology Sports field cover. ✓ 100% NL product ✓ Customization possible! ★ Watch now >
      • Transport
        Covered outdoor sports, that is possible under our Buitink Technology Sports field cover. ✓ 100% NL product ✓ Shipping all over the world ★ View now >
      • Assembly structure
        Covering sports and playing fields for outdoor sports. ✓ Outdoor sports all year round ✓ Easy installation! ★ Watch now >
      • FAQ on Playing Field Canopy
        Buitink Technology Sports field cover. ✓ 100% NL product ✓ Enjoy sports in the open air ★ Questions? Call us! >
    • Lounge covering
      • Type ES All Weather
        The cover ES AW is a high quality decking, as it is storm proof & can be used all year round. Even weather resistant and fire retardant. Experience more now!
      • Type ES SunShade
        Buitink Technology manufactures innovative fabric architectures such as tension membrane lounge linings which provide a sleek look - visit our website now!
      • Type FS SunShade
        Patio covering system with a modern & sleek look. Endless configuration possibilities! Buitink Technology: ✓ Custom-tailored solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Carport ES All Weather
        Our Carport ES All Weather is the high-quality protection for your car! Trust the market leader Buitink Technology! ✓ Custom-tailored ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Canvas roofs
        High quality canvas roofs. 100% wind & water resistant. Check out our website from Buitink Technology: ✓Premium quality ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Sun shade structures
        Buitink Technology specializes in high-quality, tailor-made fabric roofs that are wind- and water-repellent & maintenance-free! ✓Innovative ✓Made in Holland
      • Customized patio roofs
        Our bespoke patio roofs are made of durable, wind & waterproof coated canvas fabric & are ideal for caterers & event service providers - Buitink Technology!
      • Assembling patio roofs
        Our patio roofs can be mounted immediately & without the need of heavy foundations! Visit the website of Buitink Technology now! ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Patio tarpaulins
        Flexible way to cover open areas in your terrace roof or patio. High-quality and durable tarpaulin for the closure of your veranda!
      • The Fioleaf - Shadowing the sun
        The Fioleaf from Buitink Technology is a unique patio roof, adjustable & can move electrically in the sun or rain! ✓Industrial Solutions! ✓Made in Holland
      • Shade cloth systems
        Custom made sunscreens and shade cloths for business situations. High quality ✓ Tailored to your situation? ✓ Fully manufactured in the Netherlands! ★ See now >
      • Sunshade patio roof for Bolenius
        Buitink Technology supplies the right products for your restaurant! Visit us & our website now! ★70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in the Netherlands ✓Hygienic
    • Festival
      • Tensioned walls and roof for Diamond Suite
        Tensioned roof and -wall for the Diamons Suite of Liffin Events. Temporary suites with a watertight skin of tensed textile, amongst others for the event Tomorrowland 2019.
      • Canopy in amusement park
        That's fun! Attractive flexible canopy with real artists made print. Specially made for an amusement park. View now >
      • Tensioned membranes for Monade structure
        Buitink Technology offers you connectors such as bellows & machine parts. All our products are flame retardant & made of stretchable fabric! Visit us now!
      • Open-air theater in Soest
        In the Open Air Theater in Soest, Buitink Technology has produced a removable textile roof. You want to determine the shape, color and size? Contact us now!
      • Air cushion roof for stages MDNA Tour 2012
      • Acoustic walls Basins de Lumières
        4 separation walls of about 22x14 meter, a total of 1.200 m2. ✓ Acoustic flexible walls of Buitink Technology exhibit extremely good sound absorbing properties!
      • Double curved ceiling cloth festival
        Waterproof ceiling cloth made of stretch cloth. Attractive double-curved ceiling by pressure and pull points. ✓ Durable through reusability ★ View Now >
    • Art
      Art projects made of flexible material. Architectural structures to striking sculptures of flex fabric, ETFE or PVC fabric! ✓ Unique ✓ With or without LED lighting ★ View now >
      • Inflatable objects Marcel Wanders
        On behalf of Marcel Wanders, Buitink Technology produced seven, inflatable, egg-shaped balloons for the 'Oita Prefectural Art Museum'. Visit our website now!
      • Bubble blower ETFE bulbs
        Buitink Technology's inflatable designer light bulbs made of ETFE-foil are durable & self-cleaning! ✓Innovative ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Production in Holland
      • Art installation EYE
        Beautiful inflatable eye of ETFE foil with full color print. Buitink Technology developed it for the art installation EYE. Click here! ★70 Years of Experience
      • Pneumatical muscle at the Pompidou
        For an exhibition in Paris, Buitink Technology has produced an inflatable with pneumatical muscles. You would like to have realized a certain form? Contact us!
      • Art work for the Kroller-Muller
        Tent constructions on behalf of artist Cornelius Rogge. The tent constructions were exposed at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Arnhem! Buitink Technology connects!
      • Hourglasses of ETFE foil
        Incredible creations such as 600 kg hourglasses are no problem for our innovative ETFE foils. Visit the website of Buitink Technology! ★70 Years of Experience
      • Inflatable cloud
        Commissioned by Frantzen et al Architects, Buitink Technology has designed, delivered and assembled an inflatable cloud. Read more on our website!
      • Inflatable ball and mega mirrors
        Printed with an EU flag & mirrored aluminum frames, the designer ball from Buitink Technology is a real eye-catcher! Contact Buitink Technology now! ✓Made in NL
      • Inflatable cloud EXPO
        Buitink Technology manufactures inflatable objects like in form of a cloud for the EXPO Rotterdam! ✓High Standards ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Artwork SYNC by Daan Roosegaarde
        Technical drawing of detachable floor construction, and flexible, translucent membrane. ⭐ Fine art project! View Artwork SYNC >
      • Inflatable light ceiling
        The inflatable light ceiling from Buitink Technology provides a special effect. Go to the inflatable light ceiling >
    • Pavilion
      • Impuls Amsterdam Station
        A real boost in the Cuypershal of Amsterdam Central Station! A pulsating 3D wall to shield the construction site of the train and metro connection. ★ Take a look >
      • Cladding of island counter
        Buitink Technology's coverings are highly hygienic & thanks to the mesh fabric a customer magnet! ✓ Custom-tailored ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in NL
      • Inflatable Pavilion - Wave Dubuisson
        Buitink Technology built a movable, temporary pavilion for BNP Paribas in France. This pavilion is called ''WAVE''. ✓Quality ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • ETFE structure pavilion
        The double-walled constructions made of ETFE foil made by Buitink Technology will attract attention! ✓ High Quality ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Membrane for The Growing Pavilion
      • Tensioned membrane Rabo Earth Walk Pavilion
        The tension membranes made by Buitink Technology give your roof a completely new appearance & the certainty of protection and stability. ★ We gladly advise you!
      • Roof and curtains Camper pavilion
        Made of the highest quality fabric by Sergio Ferrari and always individually customizable. Let us advise you today! ✓Custom-tailored for you! ★ Highly Durable!
      • Solo membrane recital pavilion
        Unique combinations of sustainable wood & fabric paneling - trust in Buitink Technology products! ✓ First-class advice ★70 Years of Experience ✓Made in Holland
      • Tent structures World Expo Milan 2015
        You would like to have your next tent made of highest industrial material while captivating the attention of your customers? Buitink Technology - click here!
      • BLOB project for the TU Eindhoven
        At Buitink Technology, we work closely with universities to achieve highly innovative products such as technical fabric drops. See more here!
  • Technology Center
    At Buitink Technology you can expect ✓ Custom-tailored industry solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Products made in Holland ★ Be inspired >
    • Machinery and equipment
      • Pull and push test facility 300kN
        Buitink Technology has its own tensile and pressure bench up to a maximum of 30,000 kg (30 tons) ✓ Super strong and easy to operate. ★ View our tensile and pressure bench >
      • Pull and pressure facility 2.5 kN
        A pull and push bench up to 2.5 kN / 250 kg. ✓ Very accurate in the low power range. ★ View our pull and pressure bench>
      • Laser cutter
        Buitink Technology owns a CNC cutting machine to mark, cutting with a knife and for laser cutting flexible materials. ★ Check out all our modern machines>
      • Digital cutter
        Buitink Technology operates a Zünd digital cutter type G3 3XL-3200 to mark and cut. ★ View all our modern machines>
      • Lashing straps cutting machine
        String cutting machine to fully automatically cut string or tape ay any pre-set length ★ Visit all our modern machines >
      • HF welding machine 20 kW
        Buitink Technology has a HF welding machine from Forsstrom with a power of 20 kW. See high-frequency welding machine here >
      • Miller hot air welding machine
        The Miller hot air welding machine ensures a complete and high-quality weld on an application! ✓ Super strong welds. ★ View our Miller welding machine>
      • Seamtek AT welding machine
        The SEAMTEK AT 2000 is a computer controlled hot air welding machine. ✓ Connecting layered industrial fabrics! ★ Check out our SEAMTEK welding machine>
      • Industrial zigzag sewing machine
        Zware industriële zigzag naaimachine met een lange arm. ✓ Alle opties en steken vrij in te programmeren! ★ Bekijk onze industriële naaimachine >
      • 3D Printers
        Buitink Technology has two 3D printers of the brand dddrop in-house. ✓ 3D printing for testing new designs or small end products. ★ Check out our 3d printer>
      • Industrial oven
        Large XL oven with an inner dimensions WxDxH = 95 x 99 x 148 cm. ✓ We can heat up to 600 degrees Celsius! ★ View our industrial oven>
      • Mobile 20 kW HF Welding machine
        HF welding machine from Forsstrom with a power of 20 kW. ✓ Revolving head ✓ Mobile over 23m! ★ View our Forsstrom welding machine >
      • CNC sewing machine
        Durkopp Adler 911 CNC sewing machine. ✓ The DA 911 is a CNC controlled pattern stitching machine for heavy duty applications. ★ View CNC Sewing Machine >
    • Design and engineering
      • Market square canopy
        Design process of a dismountable tent roof with fixed masts and integrated lightning - Buitink Technology! ✓Project management ✓Construction management
      • Central Square canopy
        Design process of a dismountable tent roof with integrated lightning. Buitink Technology creates feasible and durable designs - see here! ✓Project management
      • Patio Roof Amsterdam
        Design process of a patio roof with dismountable shadow canvas. Our design department likes to advice you! ✓Our designs are durable! ★70 Years of Existence!
      • Square canopy removable
        Square roof canopy with removable canvas! Our design Department will assist you! ✓We design viable, feasible & sustainable structures! ★In business for 70 years
      • Roofing of schoolyard
        Very nice modular square canopy! ✓ Our canopies are flexible and universal in use. ★ View design >
      • Market square canopy 2
        Demountable tent canopy for the redesign of a market square. ✓ Integrated hoist mechanisms in the posts. ★ Check out this beautiful design >
      • Inflatable demountable canopy
        Design and engineering of an overhang consisting of inflatable arches that function as a supporting structure for the covering. ★ Check out this beautiful design >
      • Courtyard canopy
        Vier grote paraplu’s, met een hoogte van circa 6 meter en een oppervlak van circa 5x5 meter. ✓ Geïntegreerde inklapsysteem op palen. ★ Bekijk dit fraaie ontwerp >
    • Engineering and consultancy
      • Recovery railway carriage
        Recovery of a capsized railway car using lifting - and catch bags! ✓We colaborate and support the client from start to finish. ★ Lifting bags for capsized railway cars.
      • Buoyancy for submarine measuring device
        Inflatable floating system for a measuring device (acoustic polygon) that is used underwater (in the sea). ✓Complete engineering and execution ★ View here>
      • Modular inflatable boat ramp
        Unique modular boat ramp consisting of inflatable mattresses. ✓ Excellent for launching boats and / or floating solar panels in inhospitable locations. ★ View here >
      • Custom inflatable sewer valve
        Inflatable shut-off valve for a concrete sewer shaft. ✓ Close against rising water. ✓ Flexible and super strong valve ★ View here >
      • Floating system for transport
        Complete floating system with inflatable floats. Both for horizontal on water and vertical transport in water. ✓ Recovery of loads at sea!
      • Flying Whales
        Research and analysis joining method foils and fabrics for the helium gas cells + outer skin of Flying Whales zeppelin. ★ View >
    • Research and testing
      Testing materials, products and solutions! ✓ Unique testing facilities ✓ Quality assurance ★ View here >
      • Strength of patches/handles
        Testing strength of attachment points or patches. ✓ Testing tensile strength for use on our lifting cushions and water cushions! ★ View here >
      • Leak detection and control
        Testing gas tightness can be done at Buitink Technology! ✓ Knowledge and equipment in house to test this gas tightness ✓ Record protocol ★ Mail or call us directly >
      • Self-inflating lifting system
        Super-fast inflating lifting bags or floating bags. ✓ Electric (with a button), mechanical (a pull cord) or with an ignition. ★ View here >
      • Heavy-duty zip fasteners
        We test our zippers and their processing in-house. ✓ Super strong zippers for all weather conditions. ★ Check out our industrial zippers here >
      • Puncture resistance
        We test our materials for puncture resistance. ✓ We use materials with high puncture resistance. ★ More about puncture resistance >
      • Textile facade expansion test
        Recherche et test de matériaux et de procédés de tension pour les façades textiles. ✓ Résultat : pas d'usure, de détérioration ou de déchirure du matériau de façade. ★ Voir le test de dilatation >
      • Strength test hanging ridge
        Testing strength and failure behavior of tent poles. ✓ Testing with proper equipment ✓ Tensile strength ✓ Breaking strength ★ View test >
      • Test throughfall security
        Buitink Technology specialized in the area of ETFE foil: handling and assembly as well as calculating, testing and investigating! ★ Check out the Fall Through Test >
      • Pull and push bench 2.5 kN
        Pull and push bench that can pull or push up to 2.5 kN/ 250 kg. ✓ For rent from us (including operation by employee). ★ Read more >
      • Pull and push bench 300 kN
        Pull and push bench rental, pull or push up to 30,000 kg (30 tons)! ✓ Pull or push bench rental including operation by employee. Read more >
      • Dynamic test chimney valve
        Testing dynamic chimney damper. ✓ Test chimney damper resistance to wind load! ✓ ★ Watch the test here >
    • Techniques and instructions
      Techniques and instructions on our products and solutions! ✓ Unique production facilities ✓ Quality assurance ★ View here >
      • Flotation bag repairs
        Buitink Technology's cushions are also easy to repair on site. ✓ Instructional repair ★ Watch instructional videos >
    • Downloads
      PDF downloads van Buitink Technology! Specificaties van materialen en testen. ★ Naar downloads ➤
      • Serge Ferrari
        We work with many different materials and products. Download now the characteristics of Serge Ferrari we use in our projects!
      • Insulation
        We work with many different materials and products. Download now the characteristics of insulation materials we use in our projects!
      • ETFE foil
        We work with many different materials and products. Download now the characteristics of ETFE foil we use in our projects!
      • High temperature resistance
        PDF downloads from Buitink Technology! Specifications regarding resistance to high temperatures. To downloads ➤
      • Foils for liners and (swimming) ponds
      • For industry
      • Chemical resistance
    • Innovation
      We constantly innovate & develop new products & applications. ✓ Adequate response or technical solutions on customer questions or problems. ★ Take a look >
      • The Ocean Cleanup
        Ocean cleanup prototypes by Buitink Technology! Test screens for the North Sea Prototype 2 and 3. ✓ Extensive material tests ✓ Extremely durable ★ Take a look >
        • Purpose of the test
          Testing screens for the Ocean Cleanup foundation. Produced by Buitink Technology! Testing strength and robustness of the screen. ✓ Read more now on our website!
        • Role of Buitink Technology
          Buitink Technology produced both screens for North Sea Prototype 2 and 3! Plastic is going to be removed. ✓Solutions ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓ Sustainable!
        • Extensive material tests
          Material tests with a tensile strength bench. Ideal for testing the material used in the Ocean Cleanup project. Cleaning the Sea with flexible screens! See now
      • Moving wall elements
        Buitink Technology heeft in opvolging van een ontwerp van Peter Marino Architect een transparante en bewegende gevel technisch ontworpen en uitgewerkt. Alles volledig computergestuurd instelbaar.
      • Inflatable slats
        Inflatable sunlight protection system. Unique sunlight control system, where slats can be inflated automatically. Visit Buitink Technology's website now!
      • Fold-up inflatable wall
        Removable inflatable wall from Buitink. ✓Innovative and effective. ★View the dividing wall >
      • Free span membraanhal Lightspace
        The membrane hall achieves a free span of 60 meters! ✓ Extremely suitable for storage halls, sports halls, and exhibition halls. ★ View Now >
      • Tensioning tube
        Are you interested in trampolines made of the finest mesh material? Visit our website! ✓Custom-made ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Produced in the Netherlands
      • Spiral pavilion
        The Spiral Pavilions will convince with creativity & stability. See the website of Buitink Technology: ✓Custom-tailored for your needs! ✓Produced in Holland
      • Inflatable trampoline
        Buitink's tension sleeve system provides a strong, robust solution for every trampoline mat.
      • Movable facade concept
        Buitink Technology offers young people the opportunity to realize their products! ✓High-quality machines ✓Work spaces ✓High flexibility! ✓Opportunities
      • Modular inflatable Tensairity covering
        Our free-form awnings are manufactured in close cooperation with customers & use high quality material. ✓Buitink Technology ★ 70 Years of Experience ✓Made in NL
      • Tennis court canopy
        A beautiful design composed with the finest materials which are highly resilient & flexible - let yourself be inspired by Buitink Technology's products! See now>
      • Mixing system with inflatables
        Simple, cost-effective and safe to use - our concept ideas are always developed for your needs! See now more here! ✓Industrial Solution ★ 70 Years of Experience
      • Sponsorship materials
        Sponsoring materials students. Buitink Technology has sponsored flex cloth for a project by students at TU Delft. ★ Leftover materials needed?
  • Sitemap