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Acoustic walls Basins de Lumières

Buitink Technology together with her French partner Highpoint Structures developed four acoustic walls. These acoustic walls were delivered and installed in a submarine base in Bordeaux (France).

The submarine base - not any more in use as such - is converted by "Culturespaces" to the largest digital art center of the world called: Bassins de Lumières. Around the four pools inside the base are performed huge art- and light shows, projected on the walls and the acoustic screens. Besides, the light shows will be reflected in the water.

Prevent noise nuisance and sound polution

In order to prevent noise nuisance in the city outside of the submarine, four submarine openings (about 22x14 meter) had to be closed sound proof.

Acoustic flexible walls of Buitink Technology were selected due to their excellent sound insulating properties.

Besides, the existing framework could stay in place by using these flexible walls, while concrete -and  brick work would require to remove the present frame. And, on top of that, the acoustic walls can simply be dismantled in case the base would get a new destination.

Combination of 2 flexible acoustic walls in each entrance

To comply with the requirements and wishes of the client, Buitink Technology developed large acoustic walls to be placed inside the monumental building. As material of construction for this project is used a combination of type BTFW-12 (inner wall) and Batyline AW (outer wall).

Flexibele soundwall

Measures and fixation of soundproof screens

The four large soundproof screens have a size  of each: 22 x 18 m.

Engineering soundwall

The top and sides of the screens are fixed with springs to the existing frame. The lower side is made heavier and fixed using chains.

Akoestische wand oplossing

Project data:

Surface area: 4 separation walls of about 22x14 meter, a total of 1.200 m2      
Material: Alphalia Silent AW van Serge Ferrari (projectiescherm).
Buitink Acoustic Flexible Wall BTFW-12 (12 kg/ m2)
Client: Culturespaces
Project: Bassins de Lumières
Location: Submarine base, Bordeaux
Acoustic walls:        
Buitink Technology and Highpoint Structures
Year of installation:     


Bassins lumieres project

Alphalia Silent AW

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Submarine base | Impasse Brown de Colstoun | 33 300 Bordeaux

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