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Moving wall elements

Buitink Technology developed, as follow up of the design of  Peter Marino Architect, a transparent and moving wall.Target of this development was to create a "living" and "breathing" wall with a variable transparency. All computer controlled and  adjusted.

Buitink Technology designed a wall with following properties:

  • Wall with holes having in front ETFE air cushions inserted, like convex windows.
  • At the back of the cushions  an inflatable construction that can be opened or partially closed such as to control the entering light from outside.

Movable by inflatable tubes

Opening and closing the holes in the wall is realized by air inflatable tubes. Each "window" can be individually controlled and thus be opened or closed individually.

A highly comfortable inner space is created, well insulated with perfect controlled lighting from outside. The amount of outside light entering depends on the pressure control inside the inflatable tubes.




Production mockup


Project data

Material: ETFE folie en flexdoek   
Peter Marino Architect
Moving wall: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation:      


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