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Strained membrane domes for your building

Together with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, produced and installed a tensioned membrane covering the dome on top of a new building called  ''Maison de la Recherche et de l'imagination'' in Caen (France).

The diameter of the dome is about 13 meters, a surface area of around 265 sqm.

Project data:

Material: 1002 XTL Highly Translucent of Serge Ferrari
Client: Association Relais d'Sciences
Design/ architect: Bruther
Engineering: Tentech
Membrane dome: Buitink Technology,  Highpoint Structures
ETFE facade Caen_02.jpg

Dome tensioned membrane_01.jpg

Dome tensioned membrane_02.jpg

Dome tensioned membrane_03.jpg

Dome tensioned membrane_04.jpg

Dome tensioned membrane_05.jpg


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