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Second skin ETFE Water Reservoir

Together with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, produced and installed so called second-skin ETFE membranes for a water reservoir in the south of France.

The facade is composed of 10 ETFE membranes, with rain drop print. Total surface of the facade is around 350 sqm.

Project data:

Material: ETFE film, printed with rain drops
Design/ architect: Valérie Despagnet
ETFE membranes: Buitink Technology/ Highpoint Structures
Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_01.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_02.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_03.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_04.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_05.jpg





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