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Air-cushion roof Southampton

For the University of Southampton Buitink Technology installed two roof lights of ETFE in the "Hartley Library Learning Centre". The roof lights are part of a renovation project and provide the building with a modern and transparent  appearance .

Design of the "Hartley Library Learning Centre" renovation is made by Wilson Mason Architects in London. The roof lights each consist of two air cushions of 4 x 6 m;  totally 4 cushions installed.




Implementation ETFE cushions

These roof lights are made from a transparent foil with print. Roof light cushions consist of three layers of foil: an outer layer of 200 my, a middle layer of 150 my and an inner layer of 150 my. The print is on the inner face of the outer layer of ETFE foil .

Inflation system

The inflation system used in the "Hartley Library Learning Centre" consists of two units. Each unit is capable of maintaining the pressure in two cushions, even when 10% of the cushions are damaged. Each unit has an automatic control system installed with one operational fan and one stand-by. Pressure failure in the cushions will trigger an alarm in the monitoring system of the building.

Project data:

Surface: 48 sqm
Architect: Architectenbureau  Wilson Mason, Londen
ETFE roof: Buitink technology, Duiven









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