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Rental WAVE pavilion

The WAVE pavillion is used a couple of times by BNP Parisbas to invite its customers. This beautiful pavillion from the French architect Sylvain Dubuisson is for rent or for sale now.

Dimensions and construction

The framework around the inflatable "donut" is based on the so called "Tensairity" principle. A combination of air pressure and rigid parts in an inflatable element create a stable framework.

  • Diameter: about 25 m
  • Height: about 9 m

The highly translucent centre membrane is tensed and shaped trough an inflatable ball.

  • Diameter ball: about 5 m


Various adjustments are possible with respect to the application of the pavillion. In above drawing various leves have been applied inside.

Color WAVE pavillion

The outside color of the donut is a special silvery pearl color

Project WAVE pavillion

See here the project page.








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