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Railing paneling

Buitink Technology supplies and installs railing paneling of fabric and mesh. Buitink has lined all the railings with an anthracite-colored mesh for JinSo Pavilion. The footbridges and the stairs are paneled with a single layer coating while the other locations are cladded with a double layer (with an air gap in between).

As you can see in the pictures, the result is a so-called Moiré Effect. The railing coverings are tested by the TNO on their impact resistibility by using a sandbag pendulum (they meet the BS 6702 requirements).

Outdoor paneling is not only functional and often required, but they can also be a beautiful part of our exterior design. Installation is much easier than you may imagine. All you need to do is set the post and attach the top and bottom rails, before mounting the panels. However, our expert team is available to install the railing panels for you.   

Buitink Technology owns years of experience in manufacturing and developing almost all kinds of railing paneling. If you visit our project overview section you will see that we are expert in many innovative areas, including railing paneling. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs and the best possible costs. For more information give us a call: +31 (0) 316-250830 or send an email: You can also leave your detail here and we will contact you.

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