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Inflatable bath for the treatment of cows

The Buitink therapeutic cow bath enables weakened cows to get back onto their feet, in an animal friendly way. The Buitink Cow Bath has a number of important advantages compared to existing, conventional systems.

The bath is made entirely from various special types of canvas and basically consists of four inflatable side walls and a base. The bath is brought to the location where it is to be used in an uninflated state (so completely flat), after which the cow can be rolled or placed onto it. The inflatable sections of the side walls are then filled with air one by one and in the meantime the bath can be filled with warm water. As the bath fills with water, the cow will at some point start to float and thus get back onto its feet.






Bath for cows

Koe in bad

Cow in inflatable bath



The advantages compared to other systems include:

  • The cow is moved as little as possible; the bath is brought to the cow.
  • The bath is made entirely from canvas and therefore cannot injure the cow .
  • The bath is very easy to use.

Since we manufacture the bath in our own factory, we can also supply custom-made baths to meet your specific wishes and requirements. We would be pleased to provide you with more information.

More information

Buitink Technology owns years of experience in manufacturing and developing almost all kinds of inflatable membrane structures. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs at best possible costs.

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