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FioLight - The outside light that lives

Sebastiaan Fiolet designed innovative garden lighting for Buitink Technology which resulted in the beautiful outdoor design light: "FioLight".

These artistic and veiled design garden light gives a beautiful diffused light in the dark and creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. You can choose from various light armatures.

However, the "FioLight" also gives a special effect during the day. Depending on the angle at which the design garden lights is observed, it will produce various images. When one moves along the outdoor light, as a result of the Moiré effect, the view changes. FioLight is alive!

The design and the name are registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.

This very robust and yet elegantly styled design outdoor lamp is delivered including the assembly and installation components. It consists of a stainless steel base plate, a stainless steel column, a light construction with energy saving lamp and a light defused and impact resistant membrane. Also the mesh fabric covering is already installed and it only needs to be tightened to the stainless steel springs.

Below you see the dimensions of the design garden lighting FioLight in the standard version. We can also provide customized designs for your garden in various heights from 1.80 m.


garden lighting design


outside lighting design


night situation





Fiolet_01 mv.jpg


Fiolet_02 mv.jpg


Fiolet_03 mv.jpg



Materials and colors

The FioLight® can be covered with different materials and various colors. The double curved stretched shell is made ​​of a mesh canvas, which is wind, and ultra violet resistant, including a 10-year guarantee.

Colors and materials are available on request. The canopy can also be printed in full color in a desired pattern, image or color only.


The Fiolight can be assembled on screw anchors or concrete base. Of course, we can do the installation.


verankering op beton.jpg



More information

Buitink Technology is a resourceful company with original ideas and ingenious products. We are a pioneering company in manufacturing products such as Fiolight to meet your particular needs. You can visit our project overview section] to check our line of products and get more information about Fiolight.

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