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Tents for events of all kinds

Buitink Technology manufactures membrane tents for festivals and events such as festival and circus tents. The standard tents consist of at least two main pieces each 22.5m wide and 22.5m long. The height of the sides of the festival tent is 3m, the height of the roof is at least 6.60m up to 9m in the ridge. There are also other dimensions possible for your festival tent.

The festival tent can be extended with different spacers each 10m long. Because of the flexible design of the tent other structures can be offered to acquire a roof size up to 2500 sqm.

Customized festival tents

Examples of customized festival tents:

  • Circus tents
  • Dance event tents
  • Festival Tents



More information

Buitink Technology is an international company active in various type of innovative products including the manufacturing of membrane festival tents. Our online portfolio and extensive experience tell a lot about our expertise. If you need more information about festival tents, our experts can give you adequate information and advice.

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