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Facade coverings

Buitink Technology realizes facade coverings of various kinds of gauze fabric and foil. Usually this is applied in architecture to embellish the wall of an existing or a new building.

Facade covering as second skin

Facade covering as second skin often is applied to protect a building against sun, wind and rain and to provide extra insulation.




Stamisol Color facade covering

Stamisol Color is a vapor permeable, uv resistant and water proof fabric, applied e.g. behind a glass wall, a gauze fabric or strech metal. It can be provided with print. Applying Stamisol Color creates a water tight wall with esthetic effects due to possible colors and prints.

Officially certified

Buitink Technology is officially certified by material suppliers to deliver and install Stamisol Color. Therefore we give a guarantee on our facade covering of 10 years.








More information

We like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: info@buitink-technology.com or leave your contact information.

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