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Balustrade cladding

Buitink Technology deliveres and installs balustrade cladding from canvas and gauze fabric. Characteristics of our balustrade cladding:

  • custom made sizing
  • rupture proof
  • re-usable
  • durable
  • very high quality


Balustraden AKZO Amsterdam_16.jpg

Balustraden AKZO Amsterdam_05.jpg




Double layer gauze fabric

Buitink installed anthracite colored balustrade cladding using gauze fabric for the JinSo pavilion. Near the alley and the stairs the cladding is a single layer while other parts are cladded with a double layer (air inbetween). It gives a so called Moiré effect (see pictures)

NEN 6702

The balustrade claddings are tested by TNO through sand bag swing tests, proving NEN 6702 qualification for safety.






Balustraden AKZO Amsterdam_02.jpg


Information about balustrade cladding

To discuss your application of balustrade cladding:

Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: info@buitink-technology.com or leave your contact information.

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