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Accessories flextents

Mast tops

Besides the flextents/ free-form tents, Buitink Technology delivers various accessories belonging to the flextents.
We develop, produce and deliver mast-tops for flextents. These tops are made of a strong, impact resistant PP (polypropylene) available in various shapes and size:

1. Balls


  • 100 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 300 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm

The standard colour is white/ translucent:

P1020443.jpg P1020476.jpg P1020485leeg.jpg

2. Cones

To have an even better distribution of tension forces in the flextents we developped conic mast tops.
These cones are available in two sizes: 500 mm and 200 mm.

masttop 500 ENG.jpg
The 500 mm cone is standard available in white/ translucent.
To fix the mast tops (cones and balls) simply make a hole where you put through the mast.

P1020469.jpg P1020471.jpg masttop 500 kolom.jpg

masttop 200 ENG.jpg

The 200 mm cone is also available in lightgreen, red and black:

P1020468.jpg masttop groen.jpg masttop rood.jpg

On request we also make a provision for the balls/ mast tops from inside to illuminate:

masttop kolom.jpg P1010643.jpg P1010646.jpg

To have an even better distribution of the tension in the flex fabric, we can provide the mast tops with an anti-slip material:

mat lateral 1.jpg mat lateral 2.jpg mat lateral 3.jpg



Watch the movie to discover that our mast tops are extremely durable:

More information

Are you looking for a different colour, size or shape? our experts can give you adequate information and advice.

We like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: info@buitink-technology.com or leave your contact information.

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