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Noortje van Laarhoven | Conelight

The Conelight is designed by Noortje van Laarhoven. This light is part of the XXL lighting collection, marketed by Lumtex BV. The height of the construction (standard version) is 2,4 meter, and it has a diameter of 3 meter. It can be applied as a floor light or hanging light.

XXXL-lamp-conelight-visual.jpg Noortje-van-Laarhoven.jpg

Noortje van Laarhoven


customer specific

On request, the light can be built customer specific, with e.g. the following options:

  • Different size/ proportions;
  • The fabric can be (full colour) printed or made in colour;
  • The lighting can be in colour (programmed colours changing possible);
  • The frame can be coated in any RAL colour;


The Conelight has the following standard specifications:

Height: 2,4 m
Diameter bottom ring: 1 m
Diameter top ring: 3 m
Weight: appr. 40 kg
Application: Inside lighting, hanging or standing
Type of light: Hanging or standing
Light source: LED, selfcooling
Number of LED modules: 6 pieces
Light colour: 3000, 2700 of 4000 (the example in the pictures has a colour of 3000)
Connection: 230 V/ 30 W
Colour membranes: white
Colour frames: grey
Materials: Coated light fabric, Aluminium frame, Stainless steel cable systems

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