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ETFE cough screens / Hygienic transparent partitions

Buitink Technology designs, produces and installs (transparent) separation screens, walls and -constructions.

These transparent solutions (safety or cough screens) provide optimum protection against carry over of e.g. dust, dirt, viruses, air flows etc. while being in full contact with the surroundings is guaranteed.

Cough screens of ETFE foil

Buitink Technology produces separation screens of ETFE foil, which is transparent and resistant to all kinds of cleaning - and  disinfectant agents (even non-diluted). ETFE foil is practically inert to all kind of chemicals.

As ETFE foil is thin and has a very low specific weight, the separation wall does not limit verbal communication with visitors. One can communicate through the separation screens without the need to move around. Undesirable contact with dirt, dust and even viruses is prevented. More about safety screens of ETFE foil.


Implementation of cough screens

Our engineering department has developed 2 types of screens. This makes our screens or panels applicable and usable in any situation.

Hanging screen

Standing screen


Aplications safety screens

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