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Hanging safety screen

Buitink Technology produces lightweight hanging ETFE screens in-house. These screens are made up of two aluminum profiles (approximately 1 kg / meter) with ultra-thin (100 microns), super-strong ETFE foil stretched in between (only 175 g / m2).

Features safety screens

Our hanging screens are:

  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Transparent
  • Odorless
  • Fully sound-permeable


Hanging ETFE screen


Transport, delivery en packaging

ETFE screens are fully custom made and produced or assembled to meet your requirements. We deliver the hanging ETFE hygiene- and safety screens including all nessecary parts to position the screens: ETFE screens mounted into anodised aluminium profiles, 2 pieces of 2mm steel cable system ( adjustable to any length required), S-type  and general type suspension hooks and plugs in order to fix the safety screen system to the ceiling. All is carefully packed into a rigid cardboard tube with a diameter of 131 mm.

We deliver ETFE prevention screens/ hygene screens all over the world! From Japan till the United States.


Mounting ETFE safety screen


Standing safety screen

View the standing version of our ETFE hygiene screen. Standing screen >

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