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BICS golf cart dividers

Buitink Technology also makes cart dividers for golf carts, which function as cough screens, sneeze guards and hygiene screens.

A BICS® golf cart divider made by Buitink Technology enables two people to safely use a golf cart at the same time.

BICS® golf cart dividers are made from a single layer of stretched film, based on the BICS® Basic. A divider is comprised of strong, transparent, odourless film with flexible tubing around the edges to ensure that it remains rigid and retains its shape.

Supply of BICS® golf cart dividers

BICS® golf cart dividers are supplied in the form of a simple self-assembly kit: the film (which is pre-cut to the right size and fitted with eyelets), elastic cords with hooks and a flexible tubular frame.


Assembly of BICS® golf cart dividers

Assembly is extremely easy. Simply feed the flexible tube through the pre-cut film, hook the two elastic cords onto the eyelets, then fit the divider into your golf cart.

BICS® Basic instructions

BICS® BASIC user manual

An instruction video can be found on the BICS® Basic page.

Sizes of BICS® golf cart dividers

These are the standard sizes in which BICS® golf cart dividers are available:

Golf cart dividers

Please contact us if you would prefer a different size. We can supply golf cart dividers in any size or dimensions that you wish.

Advantages of BICS® golf cart dividers

A BICS® golf cart divider from Buitink Technology offers a variety of important advantages and properties:

  • A BICS® golf cart divider is acoustically transparent (you can talk to someone on the other side without raising your voice);
  • We can also produce a customised BICS® divider with exactly the measurements that you need;
  • Our golf cart dividers are completely transparent;
  • Golf cart dividers contain no hazardous substances (such as plasticizers) and do not give off a nasty, toxic, chemical odour (unlike, for example, commonly used PVC film screens, which contain toxic plasticizers and smell unpleasant);
  • BICS® golf cart dividers are 100% safe for your health, even if your mouth comes into contact with the film;
  • The dividers can easily be cleaned and disinfected without harming them, using all common disinfectants and cleaning products.
More information and customisation

Buitink Technology has a department of 3D designers and developers, enabling us to supply customised solutions. Do you need a safe, sustainable and visually appealing solution for a specific situation? Contact us for assistance.

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