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Extensive material tests

Buitink Technology obtained the assignment amongst others for delivery the prototype screens due to its ability to perform in house (so very fast!) tensile strenghth tests.

many design details, materials, construction parts and connections applied in screens have been tested. Below you find a small selection of the tests:

1. Welding seam tests


With these tests the tensile strenghth of a welding seam is checked whether the seam is stronger (or at least as strong as) the strenght of the base material. Never a welding seam has to be the weakest link!


2. Test peeling force


The strength of a connection is tested in conditions where peeling forces apply. In specific area's in the screen forces on seams apply perpendicular to the sheet; so called peeling forces.


3. Test industrial zipper


The objective of this test is to see whether the connection of the zipper to the screen is strong enough. The connection must be stronger (or at least be as strong as) the zipper itself. The pictures shows the positive result.


4. Test quicklink connection


In this test is shown the strength of the lacing or quicklink connection. The connection method is an alternative for the zipper.The test reveals the weakest link in the construction and the overall strength of the system.


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