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Mobile soundscreen

Buitink technology has developed a new concept for a mobile (inflatable) sound screen.

Limiting noise

This sound insulating panel is flexible, easy to transport and very easy to assemble.

Especially in situations where noise should be limited temporarily our panels are the ideal solution.This includes limiting excessive noise during concrete driving , drilling operations, construction activities etc.


Operation and possibilities

This mobile, sound protecting, inflatable noise barrier consists of a two-layer canvas, which can be inflated or, for example, be filled with water (to obtain an extremely good sound insulation). It's also possible to attach an extra layer of acoustic foamed pvc cloth at the front or rear end. Or e.g  demountable flexible sleeves made of canvas filled with a sound absorbing  material (such as polyester wool).

Noise reduction

In table 1 you will find (indicative) information on noise reduction coefficient of an air-filled Panel and a water-filled Panel.


Table 1

In Figure 1 you will find the the sound proof properties of air and water.

Chart 1

In chart 2 you will find a comparison of soundproofing properties of different materials:

  • BLUE line: Soundscreen made by Buitink: 200 mm filled with water (canvas - 200 mm water - canvas)
  • PINK line: Soundscreen made by Buitink: 200 mm filled with air (canvas - 200 mm lucht - canvas)
  • 2 mm mdf - 200 mm air cavity - 2 mm mdf
  • 100 mm thick concrete wall
  • 150 mm thick brick wall

Chart 2

Measurements mobile sound screen

The panels can be manufactured and tailored to your specific requirements (such as with respect to the structure to which the panels are to be confirmed). For example, a dimension of 12 x 12 metres is possible (of course, the support structure must be strong enough for absorbing the wind load).

Principle mobile sound screen

To give an impression of the possibilities of the flexible sound proof panels, below an example of a 12 x 12 meters (mobile) sound screen.

The construction in which the screens be mounted is not provided by us

Detail bottom inflatable noise barrier

Detail top inflatable noise barrier

Package transport with lifting bar and tires


More information

We like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: [email protected] or leave your contact information.