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Load test lifting bags

Buitink Technology develops and manufactures large cushions for load testing and underwater lifting. We are specialised in offering solutions where a standard product available on the market is not applicable.

The bag shown on the pictures is one of a series of 16 cushions for customers. The cushions/bags have two functions combined: load testing bag (filling with water) and underwater lifting bag (filling with air).

The bag is capable of carrying a maximum load of 17 tons and equally an underwater lifting capacity of 17 tons. The bag is provided with reinforcement strips around and also with fixation points to be able to position the bag in a crane or to an underwater structure that has to be lifted or lowered into the water.

We can deliver the bags with equipment to fill with water or air and for measuring the weight or pressure. When more bags are used, we can supply a manifold system, to control each bag separately (e.g. to balance a structure floating in the water).


Possible applications of lifting bags

  • Lifting objects out of the water;
  • Lowering objects/ structures in the water (in a very controlled way);
  • Making heavy objects float in the water;
  • Testing/ calibrating cranes;
  • Testing bridges;
  • Etc.

Our bags are custom made. If a standard market available bag is not suitable for your application or project, please contact Buitink Technology.