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Featherlight & detachable riding canopy

Buitink Technology has developed a light weight removable canopy for horse trails. There are various dimensions of horse trail canopies available, for instance, for a trail of 20x40 or 20x60 meters. This canopy provides protection against rain and snow.


The advantage of the Buitink's horse trail canopy is that it is very light and can be quickly erected or dismantled (about 2 hours with three people) without the need of heavy equipment.

The basis of the canopy is a light weight, waterproof, and UV-resistant coated fabric. In the centre the fabric is supported by a number of main poles, and at the sides, by a number of masts anchored to the ground.

The side walls can be stretched downwards or the canopy can be raised, depending on the needs and the situation (wind, sun or rain).







During the first assembly the anchors for the poles are positioned in the soil. (the anchors remain in the ground to be used over and over again) The anchors are below ground level (30-40cm deep) to have no obstructions at the surface when the roof is removed.

After this, the canvas can be placed in position and the masts are set up. The (rolled) canvas should be placed in the middle with e.g. a tractor (or similar transport), but after that can be manually unfolded.

Then the masts can be (manually) placed in the anchors and the canvas is tensed.


More information

Buitink Technology is an international company active in various type of innovative products including mobile horse trail canopies. Our online portfolio and extensive experience tell a lot about our expertise.

If you need more information about our horse trail canopies, we like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: or leave your contact information.


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