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Fold-up inflatable wall

Buitink Technology got a request to make a removable or sliding door/ separation wall which could also provide acoustic insulation.

The opening to be closed was in a church buiding where almost no space was available on the left and right side of the space for a conventional sliding door construction. And when not in use the construction should not be visible.

To cope with these criteria we invented a construction to be inflated from the floor upwards. For an easy and practical realisation of this inflatable wall we used a double layered cloth with some space between the layers. The inflatable wall can be printed with all possible pictures.

Bedrukking geluidswand

De wand kan worden bedrukt met elke mogelijke afbeelding.

Animation fold-up inflatable wall
Blow up flexible wall
Unloading flexible wall

How does it work

When not in use the temporary wall system would be deflated and stored in a box inside the floor. To close the opening the top-doors of the box are opened and an air-pump is connected to the deflated cushion. The wall inflates automatically until a set point pressure. To make sure that the wall will reach its final position, cables are fixed on both sides of the opening and serve as guides to the inflating element.

To remove the inflatable wall, the pomp is switched to suction position and the deflated wall falls between the cables. The inflatable wall is then again stored in the box below floor level.

Prints on the inflatable wall

Any picture can be printed on the inflatable wall.

More information

We like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: [email protected] or leave your contact information.