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BICS vehicle screen

Buitink Technology is a company based on innovation. We invent and develop frequently new products and applications.

To stop the spreading of the corona virus and help companies to re-start their activities, we developed an inflatable prevention screen for vehicles: the de BICS®: Buitink Inflatable Car Screen

A worldwide patent is applied for the BICS®.

We offer these shields as safety screens, cough screens or car shields. Endless possibilities. We are committed to fast delivery and are open for any challenge.

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You can order the BICS® screen online from us.

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We solve it with a lightweight flexible solution!
since 1948

BICS® instruction & user manual

BICS® instruction & manual

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COVID-19 protection

Find out more about our innovative products and solutions for the 1.5 meter economy: cough-and spray shields (free standing or hanging) and BICS® vehicle shields; an optimum protection for yourself and your surroundings!