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Flexible dams

Buitink Technology develops and produces flexible dams to protect against flooding. These dams are entirely made of flexible canvas as such easy to transport and to install.

The dams can be delivered with special carrying bags. Various sizes and colors are possible. Different segments can be connected. Modules of 5 or 10 m lenght are available.

Optionally the dams can be equiped with valves to empty the dam or create a water flow through the dam. A dam is completely manually installed, i.e. no special tools, equipment or sand bags is needed.

Flexibele dam

Flexibele dam

Flexibele dam


Flexibele dam in water



Advantage of flexible dams

  • Easy to use system (no skilled workers, no machines or pumps and no trucks are required)
  • Easy to transport
  • Not sensitive to damage or leakage (in contrast with air or water filled systems where a leakage is fatal.
  • To be used in rugged terrain with ditches and creeks.





Principle of flexible dams

  • Put the flexible dam in the right position
  • The water flow itself will unfold the dam
  • Filled with water the dam is competely stabilized.


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