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Connecting elements

Buitink Technology develops and produces customized flexible connectors or expansion joints, used between moving and/ or vibrating parts of an installation.

Flexible connectors reduce noise and vibrations and prevent machine parts from getting damaged. Flexible connectors simplify maintenance and accessibility of installations, as they are light weight and very easy to mount or disassemble.

Round Flexible connector

Flexible connector, made of an abrasion resistant polyurethane coated polyester fabric. The fabric is anti-static.




Rectangle flexible connector

Another flexible connector, made of an abrasion resistant polyurethane coated polyester fabric. The fabric is anti-static.




Rectangular to circular

As we develop and make all cuffs in own home, we can make all shapes and sizes; For example also rectangular connections that pass into round connectors. The cuffs that you see below, are heat-resistant up to 220 degrees Celcius (long duration) and 260 degrees Celsius (short-term).




Flexible connector, made of a glasfibre fabric

Flexible connector, made of a glasfibre fabric with an aluminium LowE coating. This makes the flexible connector resistant against very high temperatures and makes it reflective for heat/ IR radiation. The fabric is anti-static.




Connections and protection sleeves for the food industry

The material used is a transparent teflon film, that has been tested (and certified) according tot the following standards:

  • & 64 LFGB L 00.90-6
  • DIN EN 1186
  • Microwave digestion HNO3/ H2O2/ DIN EN ISO 11885 (E22) 2009-09
  • ZEK 01.4-08 (2011-11) complies with AfPS GS 2014:01 (2014-08)

Flexible transparent cuffs

The fully transparent sleeve, see pictures below, is used to connect a microscope on a dust-tight tank in which asbestos particles are present, which are studied with a microscope. The cuff needs to be transparant and also extremely flexible to ensure the connection between the to items doesn't interfere too much when moving the microscope.




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