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Flexible work tents for outdoor use

Besides using flex tents as canopy for terrace or during a party or event, flex tents are very suitable as flexible work tent or working facility.

A typical example is protection against weather influences in maintenance of silo roofs. A flex tent is light weight and flexible. You decide where to put the support poles, and these can be moved easily during work. As a result, the whole covered area is accessible for work.

In addition, no heavy equipment or structural support is needed to set up the tent. The tent is fixed with bands and supported by a number of light weight aluminum poles. By adding these poles a tensed membrane is created. This generates a double curvature, which results in a stable and wind resistant structure. Rainwater also drains properly. This is better than frame structures where flat canvas is placed.

Finally, Buitink flex tents are fully welded and comply with the fire standards (M2 and B1 > self-extinguishing).





More information

Buitink Technology is a leading international company in manufacturing, developing and installing various types of flexible work tents. If you need personal advice for a particular project, you can always contact one of our experts.

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