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Floor circles for social distancing

Children learn, based on experience. With floor circles of 1.5 meter diameter kids experience what it means to keep 1.5 m distance from each other. For children who frequently play/ do gym in floor circles it's more easy to keep 1.5 m distance outside or e.g. with grandma/grandpa.

Make use of our easy roll-out latex (play)circles.


Not only for children

These circles are a practicel tool as well for adults, who have to wait and not automatically are cueing up. They help to easily keep a distance of 1.5 meter from each other. Not only in front or behind  as we do in a cue, but also left and right from you:

  • to pick up the kids from school;
  • in front of a desk or counter (e.g. in a pharmacy, cafeteria);
  • waiting at a bus stop;
  • in a yoga studio;
  • during group lessons in a fitness center;
  • using in public routes.

We produce them in any color or print them with any imprint you want.


Easy to use

The circles are re-usable, robust and appropriate for inside or outside use. Use it as easy as simply roll-out. The circles lying flat on any type of floor. Removal/clearing is simple and they are suited for multiple use. The latex circles can be cleaned with ordinary cleaning agents, used for floors.

Print examples floor circles