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Gel curtains with unique special effects

Gel curtains consists of tubes made of a special foil, filled with gel. The tubes on the pictures have a diameter of 7,6 cm and a length of 180 cm. Other sizes withing technical feasibility are possible.The foil applied is strong, inflammable, colour proof and chemical resistent.

The gel is available in various colours (like blue, green, yellow, pink and white). The tubes can be filled with businesscards, flowers, lighting or other materials that 'float' in the gel. It is also possible to place spotlights behind the curtain, which gives a very special lighting effect. These possibilities create unique special effects.

The curtain can be attached to a (curtain)rail, using hooks or curtain 'roller'. The curtain can be placed in a frame as well.






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Buitink Technology is an international company active in various types of innovative products including gel curtains. If you need more information about gel curtains, our experts can give you adequate information and advice.

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