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Flextents - free form tents

Buitink Technology develops and produces flex tents, also known as free form tents, stretch tents or bedouin tents. These tent structures are ideal for temporary or semi-permanent use. 

Flex tents

A characteristic of the flex tents is the stretchy material of which the membranes are made, so called free form or stretch fabric. It is easy to make free, double curved - and therefore stable - shapes, which are different each time (all of this with the same membrane).

The video on this page shows the numerous possibilities of  flex tents. For almost every situation, we can create a unique and exciting shape!

Our flex tents are made of a two-side coated fabric and are fully water proof. Also the welds (high frequency welded) are fully water proof, even on the long term. Besides, welded seams guarantee optimal strength of the flex tent, in contrary to stitched seams having a strength of only 30-40% of the fabric itself.

(Fire) safety

Our flex tent fabric is fire retardant according to the applicable standards for tents and coverings.
We offer two types of flexfabric: a 1-ply (270 g/ sqm) and a 2-ply (495 g/ sqm).

M2 (conform NFP 92-507)
B1 (conform DIN 4102)

M1 (conform NFP 92-507)
BS7837 : 1996
NFPA 701 - test 2 (folded)

Our flex fabric has a fire behavior in class M2 (NFP 92-507) and in class B1 (DIN 4102).
Besides, the flex tent fabric of Buitink is ''washable'', which means that also after rain or washing the fabric keeps its fire retardant properties. This in contrary to most other flex tent fabrics that have been impregnated with salts which will wash out in contact with water.

Flex fabric

Besides complete and finished flex tents, we also deliver stretch fabric on rolls, in various colors. A minimum order is 5 m at 1.45 m width.

Building a large flextent

Video about building a flextent for an event on the beach.

More information

If you need more information about flex tents, free form tents, stretch tents, flex tents or bedouin tents, our experts can give you adequate information and advice. Buitink Technology owns years of experience in manufacturing and developing almost all kinds of flex tents and free form tents. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs and the best possible costs.

We like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: or leave your contact information.

For more inspiration, click here to see pictures of all kinds of flextents.