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Developments & Innovations in the Industry

Development of Buitink Technology Flex Tents never ends. Continuously we are engaged in searching for innovations and enhancements to create more versatile and attractive tents. Our chalenge is always to make our product better then before.

E.g. the development of extremely strong mast-tops:

Welded eyes

We do tensile tests to find new welding methods and to check and improve the existing ones. In this way Buitink Technology developed welding methods with high quality standards, e.g. our welded eyes.

In the video below you can see that in a tensile test the welded eye remains intact, even under high tensile strength:

Welded seams

We managed to develop a high quality welding method for the Flex Tents. By increasing the tensile strength in the tensile test, the welded seam appears not to weaken the fabric. Even better: the welded seam proves to be the strongest part of the test sample.


In order to connect Flex Tents we have developed a gutter. The purpose of the gutter is both visual and to improve comfort:  it helps to remove any rainwater.

The video below shows how easily the gutter can be installed: