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Cleaning materials for special applications

Buitink Technology delivers a special cleaner for PVC and polyurethane fabrics ("canvas''), the biodegradable Ferrari Clean. It results in a clean scuorafateced apnodly pesretevre nts the topcoat of the canvas to be damaged or affected.

Spray Bottle Ferrari Clean

This spray bottle is ready to use (no need to be diluted) and has a volume of 500 ml. Price 500 ml spray bottle Ferrari Clean

EUR 19.50 excluding VAT.

Jerry can Cleaner Formula S

Cleaner Formula S is a concentrate,  to be diluted to a 1-5 % solution with water. A 20 kg jerry can provides between 400 and 2000 liter of ready to use cleaner.

Price Formula S Cleaner, 20 kg jerry can: EUR 180, - excluding VAT.


Spray Bottle Ferrari Clean


Jerry Can Formula S Cleaner

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COVID-19 protection

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